First Grow - Candy Cane Auto

DAY 43 FLOWER 1/23

Flipped her over to flower tonight… I felt it was time.

Was gonna be day 14 of transition tonight so went ahead.

Removed a few leaves to try to free a little space up and tucked a few pretty hard downwards to get em out of the way as much as possible.

Humidity was a little high still which is gonna be a battle. My dehumidifier arrived so I’m gonna be experimenting with it in the next day or two. Opened the windows in here and made the humidity drop a good amount.

Stalk is healing up and doesn’t concern me much.

Topped her water off tonight as well. She took almost a gallon. I’m gonna be doing it every two to three days from here on out.

Really interesting to me that the middle branch isn’t the tallest one

Overall it looks like she has been stretching pretty hard in the past week, no idea when it’s gonna stop. Probably a good 8-10 inches above the 2nd fan now it seems like.

Very cool to see that each main branch has two good sized fan leaves on each side, nice little solar panels for the growth… Still debating in my head whether I want to re-grow this strain and see how it responds to topping and some consistent defoliation, or whether I want to try a photoperiod, because I would totally love to strip a lot of those leaves off right now and open that shit up, but I’m scared I’ll stunt her too much.


She is still stretching hard !

One day into flower mode, day 2 starting in a couple hours

Removed my fly trap and made some mini ones with magnetic tape and placed them at a couple spots. She kept stretching up and up to the point the cardboard insert didn’t fit anymore hardly, didn’t wanna risk her getting her leaves stuck hahaha

Little more pistil production… waiting for her to start budding up any day now.

From last night until today she grew another 2-3 inches probably.


DAY 44 FLOWER 2/23

She grew even more overnight.

I gave her a little defoliation this morning and just finished using magnetic hooks to spread the branches up against the Grobo walls. I think the canopy really evened our and light coverage is looking better! I kinda “knicked” one of the branches when putting it in the magnetic hook, didn’t really puncture it bad at all but a tiny little spec of sap/resin came out… and BOOM I was hit with a dank skunky smell. Honestly the smell hasn’t been too strong yet, I think that my exhaust system sucks a lot of it out, but I know it’s comin, especially when I defoliate as well and can smell the leaves.

Obviously I’m well aware of the risks involved with defoliation but I think it was needed, she hasn’t seemed to mind any previous haircuts. There’s a chance that it slightly delayed flowering but I think she has been showing positive growth each time and the pistils are becoming more plentiful. It’s crazy how certain branches shoot up almost over night to try to get to the light. My back right branches grew a lot in the past couple days. Some center branches around the main stalk are also showing nice growth

I actually use my fingers to defoliate now, the first time I used scissors but I don’t think it’s necessary at all.

Circled all the main dominant branches since the pic can be hard to tell what’s going on in RED, and three branches in BLUE that are slightly behind the others but now that I opened it up a bit they might start shooting up too hopefully; they aren’t too far behind the others but have been blocked from light for the most part. If I could have defoliated like with a photoperiod I probably could have gotten them the light they needed like two weeks ago to even the branches out!

Testing out the dehumidifier today, so far it’s dropped the room humidity by two in less than an hour we’ll see if it helps at all.

@SWSVIC you think that I should try upping the Big Bud on my drain and fill tomorrow night from 2.5 mL softly up to like… 3.5 mL? and then final week do full 1/4 strength? Does that seem reasonable in your eyes?


I don’t see any burning, I would up it :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Update on the dehumidifier…

So far so good…

Here’s the timeline of events:

9:30 AM - 53% RH outside Grobo and on dehumidifier, 56% inside Grobo

1:30 PM- Cracked a window about 1 inch since I saw outside it was 29% humidity, figured it would help.

4:00 PM- Got the RH on the unit to read 38%, meter outside Grobo was reading 35%, and inside my Grobo now was 40%

6:30 PM- Unit was reading 36%/37% up and down, inside Grobo now was 39% RH

10:00 PM - Humidity holding strong at the above values

2:30 AM- Woke up weirdly in the middle of the night for a minute, decided to go check the RH quick. Was reading at the same values above (give or take one or two % up/down)

4:30 AM- Dehumidifier reading at 39% RH, meter outside Grobo on the door reading at 34% RH… lights off until 5:00 AM but I was glad to see the room has stayed low all night. Window is still cracked 1 inch atm; hoping I won’t need it… is saying its 86% Humidity outside, so I’m glad to see it didn’t shoot my values up in the room over night. I wanted to test whether the fresh air helps or hinders depending on the outside RH. When it was 29% outside it seemed to help drop the humidity in here; wanted to see what it would do when the outside humidity shot up like it typically will over night which would determine whether window open or closed is the way to go.

5:00 AM Lights on; Dehumidifier unit reading at 39/40% back and forth but mostly at 39%. Opened Grobo and was 41% humidity and 70.5F in there. Water temp 68.7F. is saying 84% humidity outside currently; so it’s dropping outside so I can imagine the worst of the night is over with.

Overall, pretty happy with the drops I’ve had from the time I turned it on untl this morning. 24 hour high is 57% and 24 hour low is 37% inside the Grobo. Hoping I can continue success in this area until the end. If 39/40% RH is the best I can do, I’m still happy with that compared to where it was floating for the past week which was 55-60% consistently. I emptied it last night around 9 PM and that was roughly 12 hours running and only a half tank full of water. Only a 2.5 L Tank but I think it’s gonna work fine

P.S. She didn’t stretch a whole lot last night, maybe half an inch if that… seems like less of a growth rate compared to the past 2-3 days, and now I’m seeing instead of just “pistils” producing it looks like she’s budding up now and starting flowers! :slight_smile: Excited :slight_smile: I can already tell the difference as her branches seemed to appear “heavier” and kinda started slumping a tiny bit (from the added weight). I think the plant is going to respond by strengthening up the stems here soon :slight_smile: Kinda reminds me of how dandelions look when they are flowering, they get kinda heavy at the top until the bust open and straighten out!

I did some re-arranging of the metal hooks and my support wires to keep the branches spread out and straight, and some more leaf tucking and movement to try to make sure the bud sites all have light for the day.

I know that my Flower stage is out of 23 days but I can tell right now I’m extending at least a week if not two judging by how far along the buds are currently.

Also, got these arriving today/tomorrow:

24 magnets total for the Grobo now :stuck_out_tongue: I felt like I needed a few more to help guide the branches and use for more tie off points possibly.


DAY 45 FLOWER 3/23

Beginning of buds! Almost seemed to happen overnight! Yesterday they “sorta” appeared like the early start of them I guess but today it’s apparent!

My little girl grew up so fast!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :woozy_face: :face_with_monocle: :speak_no_evil: :clap:

All of the main branches have been fighting for dominance, I’ve noticed they’ve changed who was the tallest more than once in the past week, so cool to see natural selection inside the plant as to where the energy is spent on a day to day basis… I can’t wait to see even more of this type of stuff in my future grows!

7:10 AM rocking at 41% RH in the Grobo… 37/38% in the room itself. Haven’t emptied the tank in the dehumidifier since last night and it’s only about 1/3-ish full… happy about that. That may change a bit when it’s wet and rainy outside but can be dealt with when that time comes

Water change tonight. Big Bud up to 3.5 mL and Hydroguard after. Going to use a little bit of the spent nutrient water to put in the glass with Lil’ Little One (The branch that I cut off and put in a jar) … Will take a pic later on when the sun hopefully comes out :wink: She’s still alive and kickin. She has pistils present and I’m wondering if she will make one tiny little bud if she keeps going aha! I’m thinking of just adding some of that water instead of fully changing the water in the glass to lightly introduce some nutrients and see what happens.


Looking great brother, what is the ambient temp in the room while your dehumidifier is running? (I ran one for a very short period but it put out too much heat for my environment).

Has the cutting put out roots yet? Post a pic!

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Temp currently is 74 in here but I had the heat running this morning. Earlier it was 68.7 I think when I woke up. I do have the window open still but I have it like a half inch open instead of a full inch.

No roots yet but she actually has a bud starting I think maybe. Gonna be the cutest micro grow ever If I can keep her alive lol. She wants to be just like mom is I think

She stands up in the light during the day when it’s sunny and has a pretty rigid feeling stem. Sun isn’t out too much yet so this is how she laid over night still.


Awesome, remove the 4 large fan leaves lower down to give her a better chance at life. :call_me_hand:


Got the humidity a little lower this afternoon. Again, can’t say I’ll always be able to achieve this but good to see. Got some fresh air in here since it’s nice today and that helped lower it a bit. Was running at 40% inside the Grobo for the rest of the morning for the most part and reading at 37% on the dehumidifier. My goal is to keep beating the humidity down when I can and try to let the dehumidifier gain some ground.

24 hour inside the Grobo is now
high- 44%
Low- 35%

Hope I can achieve this on a regular basis

35% inside Grobo, 75.6 temp, and water 71.8

Opposite end of the room by the door way that’s open is 33% RH, been keeping the other door to the room shut during the day, at night it’s always shut.

Turned the dehumidifier down to low fan setting for first time since I got it. Water tank is not even half way full still and it’s been about 18 hours

It technically went down to 30% as the lowest setting but it’s working still at 25%… can’t say that’s a bad thing though…


I tied down and bent my main branch to try to keep it out of the light. I didn’t hear a snap but I used my fingers to loosen it as much as possible and tied it down. It’s close to a 90 degree but not quite. Also continued to spread out the branches even better against the Grobo walls.

Played around softly bending the back right branch bit to get it going sideways a little, not sure if it will stay without tying it down I might keep messing with it and try to supercrop.

Smell is getting nicer and nicer now that she’s starting to flower. Doing all the moving around in there I had to get my hands up to the back wall of the Grobo and stuff and all that commotion definitely released some smells here and there. Tried to be gentle and felt really hard to get my hands in between the branches but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I can’t say that bending the cola gives it much more light on the bottom side, so I’m interested to see how the horizontal bend will affect how the buds/stem will grow.

I definitely notice some extra light coverage on the lower branches right below the main one that are now not being blocked because of the bend, so I think I might have given some more light to the center of the plant! Seems like it will be good.

The branch in the middle was the most puzzling to me of what to do with… since it’s equally as far from each wall. The spot I bent it in seemed the most reasonable because of the pliability of the stem still, the lower part is getting pretty thick and I would hate to mess with it. Most of the stuff I’ve read about supercropping and stress training suggests that the spot I picked was probably okay I think? I tied it to the support wire in the front and that seemed to give it a direction to go. The 4 corner branches I feel like I can easily try to bend and make them go horizontally depending on how much further they grow… now that the main one is out of the way I feel a little better… If she starts going upwards too much I can bend her to the right or left a bit and keep her up front in the Grobo :slight_smile: … i think.

I gave her bottom stalk a little feel for the first time in awhile… That thing beefed up in the past week and it feels STRONG now! Like a little bush!

If she just stays at the height she is now I think all will be peachy… but we’ll see! >< :face_with_monocle: :woozy_face: :checkered_flag: :groboone:


Just did a drain and fill, and no nutrients were dispensing after 15+ minutes…

Decided to try again and drain and fill the same water… this time #3 and #4 dispensed, but I didn’t hear or see #5 dispense at all.

I manually added 20 mL of #5 since that seemed like about the amount it has been using… no idea if it’s completely accurate or not.

Opened a support ticket and asked them to let me know if 20 mL of #5 seemed okay and also to do a check on my meters and such inside the Grobo. Hoping everything is okay!

#1 and #2 didn’t do anything either, but honestly they rarely do much at all… Very little has been taken out since the beginning of the grow of both bottles and last time I remembered it was basically a little squirt of #1 I think.


I’ve had dispensing issues in my recent grow also. Do you use your phone or a computer to do drain/fills? If phone, do you use the app or website? … you may have seen on my post, but I think my main issue was using the web browser on my phone instead of the app. My issues were more than just nutes so it obviously could be completely unrelated, but thought I’d throw it out there.


I use the app on the phone and website on tablet or computer.


I used my phone, learned from your mistake and plan on never using the website haha!

I got a response from @Danielle -

#3 and #4 did dispense as I saw, but #5 didn’t.

My EC meter has been showing a reading over 0.5 for an extended time, so that prompts the lack of #5 being dispensed.

She asked me to check and see if the EC probe was dirty, cuz that could cause a bad reading.

20 mL of Cal/Mag (#5) was acceptable for the stage of my grow, so I’m happy I didn’t mess things up. I just eyed it out from what I thought it looked like it dispensed last time.

Also I checked for kinks before my 2nd drain and fill to make sure that wasn’t the problem, had read that multiple times as a possible solution.


Hopefully you are good to go then. And glad she’s budding. You are doing a great job of holding her back IMO. It gets real tricky when they keep stretching like that


Thanks! She actually broke free from her tie down by this morning…She pushed up so much the tie-down fell backwards and wasnt holding tight, haha!

I did a little more pressure on the bend to try to get it to stay that way and re-situated the tie area, and she’s holding tight now it seems like…Like I said, the center branch was the most worrysome to find a place to put it, the others can be tied horizontally in the corners to snake against the wall, but the center one needed to go somewhere, whether it was front, back, left, or right :stuck_out_tongue:

Gives more light to the lower branches coming off the main shoot as well now and they’ve already shown they enjoy the light and got a bit taller… she seems to be slowing down on the stretch altogether though I’m hoping…


My next task is keeping her from sacrificing her leaves to my fans up there…


DAY 47 FLOWER 6/23

Little One… stop stretching!

Took of a burnt fan leaf that was in the center and really close to the light !

Trying to keep the branches against the walls.

It’s really cool to see that the main branch I tied down first tried to fight her way out of the tie down (which she did) but now she grew upwards and stretched even more and is now facing vertically… crazy strong plant these things are!

It’s really really really hard to tame this beast…I’m hoping I don’t end up with a Grobo full of burnt nugs by the time this is over :open_mouth:

Just topped her off… she drinks almost a gallon in two days.