First Grow - Candy Cane Auto

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I started a new topic since I actually have some green life going on with my seedling.

Candy Cane Auto
(AK47 x White Widow x Mango)

Here’s a pic of my lady I am naming “Little One”… lights went on at 5 AM and when I checked on her I see my first leaf popping out :slight_smile: The right side of the seed hat is still stuck on but I’m gonna keep an eye on it and see if she wants me to help her get it off or not. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, I had my temps getting up to close to 85 yesterday since it was a pretty hot humid day around here, usually takes until like 2-3 PM until I start really feeling the ambient temp in my house go up.

I did a quick 5 minute fix that actually netted a few degrees less in heat. I think I ended up getting it from 85.6 to 82-ish from doing this. Obviously it looks pretty bad and won’t be permanent, but I wanted to try something real fast to try to see if it helped. It definitely did a little bit.



Upon getting home from work tonight, I noticed she now had her two green leaves on both sides now, and the left one also got larger and more pronounced.

When I arrived though, my temps were pretty hot. My wife had gone to the creek and didn’t have any air running >< so I turned on the AC, got another fan pointed at the Grobo as well.

I noticed she was slumping a bit, so I am assuming she was hot and under some stress so I took the two fans inside my Grobo and now have a little closer to her; they aren’t super strong (AC infinity ones that others have) and also I took two cake tester sticks and lightly pushed them into the soil just enough to hold her up if she falls any further; they aren’t actually really touching her at all.

I think she really liked it, because now she looks like in just the past two hours she has started to open up more fully. I took a pic to show!

Looks like there’s gonna be hot temps the next day or two so I’m going to try to have my wife keep the AC on all day and also keep a vigilant eye on my Grobo. I’m hoping she will cool down overnight and get a little stronger to hold herself up. After these next couple of days, it’s looking like nice 75 degree weather during the hottest part of the day, so I think if I can get her there we will be all good.

P.S. Seed is still attached, she doesn’t want it off yet

Also, topped off with another 8-10 ounces of water (I think)
I’ve done it at 3 days and 6 days now.

P.S.S. First drain/and fill coming up. I want to add Hydroguard now (I read that I could have already to start building up the cultures, but I didn’t know that until I was already full)

Can someone explain to me the process for adding Hydroguard to an empty reservoir and also about how much water does it actually take for the high fill line? Anyone know?


The high fill line varies because of the amount of the drain at the time but I usually fill my bucket between 2 1/2 gal and just wait until it sucks it all up to see if I need more.

I use 3 teas of hydroguard in my fill water per drain and fill.
Hope this helps!


Do not add Hydroguard to your fill water prior to filling the Grobo reservoir, it is to be injected directly into your reservoir AFTER the grobo nutrients (bottles 3, 4, and 5) are dispensed. It is imperative that you follow the following dosing order if you wish to achieve effective results from your additives:

  1. Silica (PowerSi or Rhino Skin) allow to rest for 1 hour for the silica to “bond” with the water.
  2. Fill your Grobo and allow it to dispense nutrients (bottles 3, 4, and 5. Mark them after they dispense so you can clearly determine when they’ve been dispensed and how much was used)
  3. Inject additional additives such as Mammoth P, Big Bud, Bud Candy, etc… directly into the reservoir. (I use 10mL Luerlock syringes with 10 inch needles, you can find these in bulk on amazon, use one for each additive, no double dipping! Haha)
  4. Wait a half hour or so to allow the solution to “mix” then inject Hydroguard.
  5. Burn one down

Use 7.5 mL of Hydroguard each week regardless of water level.


Thank you for your suggestions @Bplatinum9 and @SWSVIC


I had my wife keep the AC running today and fans going so I was able to keep temperatures lower overall. “Little One” is still leaning, but she has grown slightly taller and is bit more upright today.

I got home around 5:00 PM and in the past 45 minutes she’s popped the rest of the seed casing off herself :slight_smile: It’s kinda funny to check her when I got home, look at the seed casing and think “Oh I bet you’ll push it off pretty soon by yourself” and within 45 minutes take another look and think “Woah, wait…” lol :slight_smile:

Going to be doing the first drain and fill either tonight or tomorrow, not sure when it will prompt me. Technically I’m still on Day 6/10 for another 45 minutes but I’m calling it day 7 at this point; plant was born at like 6:45 PM.

Here’s a pic of her height, and also the first picture taken of her without that seed hat on :slight_smile:

Again, if I can just get her through tomorrow, the weather forecast is calling for all 70’s next week. Today was like near 90 degrees outside and yesterday, and tomorrow is going to be in the high 80’s.

I think it’s good I got my Grobo now at the end of summer; next year I already plan on having an AC in this room directly to keep it cool, especially in the early stages.

Current Grobo temp is 83 and had a low of 73 this morning; a little higher than I want it to be but I tested this past weekend and I can keep my Grobo at a solid 76-77 when the temps outside aren’t so bad. Humidity has remained in the range of 41-50 percent for the most part the entire grow so far, had a drop under 40 one day that was very cool and dry so I’m prepping myself to get a humidifier soon. I’ll be playing it by ear, I know the longer this plant goes the further along it will be, and a lower humidity for flowering will be ideal; I might be able to get away without having one for this initial grow, but the winter grow I think I’ll need it.

Just waiting for the day I can say Little One got BIG! :slight_smile:


Looking good! You don’t have to wait for the prompt to drain and/or fill. They are just helpful reminders but you don’t have follow them. You may know that already but just wanted to mention based on your comment. I follow mine pretty closely other than when I get to flower. I fill a couple times per week between fills vs just once through veg but thats just a preference thing too that I picked up from some of the pros in here


Thanks! I actually didn’t know that, good to know!

I actually have topped off via recommendations from the forum twice since I planted the seed; On day 3 and start of day 6. I’d say in total it sucked up like… 20 ounces total or maybe more give or take with both top-offs combined

EDIT: Grobo also sent a reminder at day 3, however I checked again at day 6 because of the forums’ advice


Looking great @pyromancy! Glad to see the seed hat came off and she’s making leaves!

During this stage of growth you want the humidity to be high in the 60%s. Nice work on trying to keep the temps down. That is key.

Are you able to monitor your water temps? If not I would suggest a fish tank water gauge for like $10. Also I would get those green tie downs, magnetic hooks, and a good pair of trimmers. And the Grobo support racks are very helpful!


Yeah, I don’t think I have been able to keep the Humidity up in the high 60s unfortunately. Currently it’s at 51% and the 24 hour high was 57%. However, I guess she is at least still trying to do her best with what she has.

My water temps have been higher the past couple of days, in the 75 to 77 range, so I am definitely using Hydroguard on my drain and fill. These past couple of hot days really made it rise higher than I really wanted it.

I have the Grobo support racks as well currently, probably gonna end up using them for more than drying at some point. I plan on getting something to do a ScrOG to try to keep the plant tamed early on as well.

Also have some trimmers in mind that I’m going to get, I actually work in the medical marijuana industry and often trim buds :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to make note that I did my first drain/fill successfully last night, and also started Hydroguard this time.

I did get to hear and see Bottle #5 get dispensed, and I heard it dispense at least 1 more bottle, not sure which one. I did mark the bottles like @SWSVIC suggested so I can keep an eye on my nutrients. It looks like #3 and #4 don’t have much of anything at all out of them; #1, #2, and #5 all have about a cm or two gone now. Not sure if it dispensed anymore last night or not, if it did I didn’t catch it.

Temps hit a high of 84 yesterday, and stayed around 83 for the rest of the night until it cooled down a little. However, I think this isn’t terrible considering my wife wasn’t home until around 2:30 PM and turned the air on then; it was like 90 degrees outside with heavy humidity yesterday so for my temps to stay at a solid 83 I think that the heat reduction system from @SWSVIC has been doing well at keeping things consistent in there. Today there’s a high of 78 so I should be able to keep things under control for the rest of the weekend after today.

Unfortunately, my Lasko fan I had in the room is making a TERRIBLE noise and I can’t use it at the moment, gonna try to see if I can fix it after work tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like I can see two TINY little leaves starting the opposite way of my first two, like literally the size of a speck of dirt but I’m interested in seeing some growth there :slight_smile:

5:00 morning time: Temps at 76.6 and Humidity at 53%


Sounds like it is coming along!
After the drain/fill function is completed and within 10 minutes you should see and hear bottles 3, 4, & 5 dispense.

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Gotcha. I did hear at least two of them.

Can someone answer this for me:



My cocopod is still damp and soggy, and I saw someone who said the first drain and fill will lower the water level so it had me kinda freaked out for a minute because I know that my Grobo sucked up at least as much water as it drained and didn’t take any less for my first drain and fill.

Been doing some looking around and found something from Stephen:

Also, I noticed I have a nice long white tap root down into the reservoir now, looks like she’s taking a good hold from the bottom end, I only looked to get a glimpse at the water level. Now that I know I have my roots I will not be opening the lid, maybe once at next drain and fill to investigate what’s going on down there or something. I know that it’s not a good idea to give them light down there.

I have my third and fourth leaves now visibly started, very very tiny but they are growing.

P.S. It doesn’t look like hardly any of bottle #3 and #4 have dispensed at all. I can visibly see that #1, #2, and #5 have had stuff taken out of them. Is this normal? I can’t say that NONE of them has dispensed because I can’t remember the starting level of the bottles themselves, but in comparision I can see that a mm or two is gone from the other bottles and 3 and 4 look like they are pretty much full from a quick glance.

#2 has dispensed more from where I marked it last night on my drain/fill it seems like.


What your seeing is completely normal. 1 & 2 are just keeping your pH in check, and 5 is simply conditioning your water. Your seedling is not ready to be hit with her first dose of nutrients just yet, she will be once she enters early veg.


Thanks man. I actually kinda thought that because of the descriptor names they have on the bottles. Obviously I wasn’t sure but I had a feeling; my knowledge is scattered about this kind of stuff. I’ve read things before but personally until I see things in action in my own eyes I don’t learn very well.


I do think it is somewhat normal as well. The cocopod should start to dry out in the next few days.

Also in regards to the nute bottles, there was an issue with newer units and the pump/lines needing to be primed to fully dispense early on. I had noticed no dispensing of bottles 3-5 on my first 2 drain/fills and investigated. Found out others had to prime their pumps as well.

So I did 2 or 3 consecutive drain fills right after another to force the pumps to kick on and eventually they pulled liquid out of the bottle. It is very helpful to mark the fluid levels in each bottle and keep track of them!

Could you post another pic? Myself and others have also opted to install a small camera so the plant can be monitored remotely. I went with the WYZE 1080p cam the size of a small cube for like $20. Wifi connection but needs USB but no problem running a line through the crack in the door. It still closes fine.