Final information


can you find an answer here?.. :thinking:


@silvergrobo No, I can’t. Grobo is not yet certified for the european market and only the grobo team can give information on progress with this issue


Hope they can get back to you, or at least explain their delay on reply… Your Government may have a hand with their issue… :cry::sob:


Can you give an update on the certification process. Thanks


@chris and @bjorn can you pleased give an update?



Any response would do for now… I’m still Sorry… :cry::sob:


Would really appreciate if I get an answer…

@Silvergrobo thanks for your emotional Support :wink:


Hi @fanatic,

I apologize for the delay in response

We’ve been churning away at additional certifications as well as a few other things at the same time and, the honest answer, is this is just going to take more time. On top of certifications there’s a lot more logistics that we as a company need to work through before we can consistently deliver units to our friends on the other side of the pond. In essence, just having certifications for Europe doesn’t mean we can get them to you ASAP

There are other things that we can do and I’ve reached out to you personally (through a DM) to address the potential for further actions

I know this isn’t the good news you were looking for @fanatic, but I want to make sure that we’re being fair to all of our customers in Europe. Note that we have every intention of delivering to all of our European customers, but please keep in mind that we’re also growing and learning as a company