Feedback on Smell


The Concern: Smell

Backstory: Grobo One is designed to reduce the smell of a cannabis grow by using a proprietary carbon filter to scrub the air before it is exhausted from the system. The amount of smell will vary due to the type of cannabis being grown and the stage that it’s at in the grow cycle. We have received feedback from it works well, to it helps, to my whole room smells.

Temporary Solution: If you notice that smell is an issue, we recommend purchasing a product such as ONA (, and placing it on top or behind your Grobo. Please do not place it inside your Grobo as this can affect your plant.

Permanent Solution: We are currently testing multiple add-on solutions for smell reduction and improvements to the carbon filter itself. It is not yet clear if any of these changes will be effective. In addition, we are evaluating our packaging to ensure that there are no smell issues caused by product damage during shipping.

Timeline: These tests take a long time to complete because they require the completion of multiple grows in contained environments. As a result, we do not currently have a fixed timeline for when a permanent solution will be available.

If you have any ideas or recommendations for improvements, please comment below!

Important Note: We will review all of this feedback in-depth, however it does not guarantee that changes will be made.


Simplest solution is a cover. Rubber underneath or something that drapes over the unit excluding the back? The weight should seal out smell and light.
I’d use it as I have a blanket on mine now.


I’m in veg and can smell my plant a foot or two away. Lol I think a lot is due to the light leaks in my unit


So the question then: should I expect my grobo to emit odor during veg, flowering, and drying? This is why I wanted a grobo to grow without concern of strong aroma.

I haven’t received my grobo yet… still waiting on grobo to be shipped. But I have been contemplating not pursuing and canceling the order because of this concern. Is there any additional information available? I do understand the variables: strain, how often the door is open, etc.

I would like to know if I can expect the grow to yield strong noticeable aromas during the “stinky” stages of grow. When only opening the box when necessary.


Grobo Team is trying to eliminate the stinky smells… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::green_thumb:

Carbon filter and smell during grow
Carbon Filter

@Growya it is definitely NOT smell proof. I know the FAQ page on their website leads you to believe this but that claim is false. My unit has light leakage around every inch of the door where there isn’t a hinge. Where there is light, there is air and where there is air, there will be smell. My unit also has light leaking where the sides meet the top…

You can cover it with a blanket, use odor neutralizers, duct tape, etc. but for the price you pay it is definitely not unreasonable to expect them to either come through with the claims of their website or be honest about what you’re buying.


@Your_mom how long have you had your grobo? As much as I want to pursue my venture I’m considering jumping ship and saving money. Seems like there might be better options, considering the cost. Now I see your post was withdrawn so… there’s that. But the concern is as stated in the response. With the amount it costs to own a grobo, realistically what is the consumers ROI on aroma reduction.

I say reduction because I know there isn’t a way to eliminate odors 100%. Also I know that some strains are more potent than others. Opening the door increases odors being noticed. Also I know too that there will always be some design flaws or issues during shipping.

I’m purely seeking what employees and owners have experienced. I know that there will be some smell. I just don’t want a lot of smells.



@Growya Ok well you must understand if you choose to grow cannabis your going to deal with smell no matter how good your setup is… I’ve been in industrial grow building with the best equipment and I’ve been in peoples houses with tents and carbon filters … and they all had a slight stink … as fast as smelling in your house yes there are leaks and some smell will pose through butttttt it’s not something a decent size ona pack can’t handle… as far as better options let’s be honest everyone makes claims but I don’t think there are any other units actually available to the public so how would you know if they stop the smell better than grobo? What you can say grobo works people have harvested great results in their units. Most have not complained about smell all that much except for when they open the door from all the posts my eyes have read… i think every unit that comes out will have smell issues… how big or small we won’t know… but if your trying to hid smells I have a carbon filter that people use in grow tents just sitting behind my sofa and I can’t smell a thing in my house so that could always be an option … for the price a grobo is I think it’s worth the money… yes they did have minor flaws in design but it’s a proven product… but anyway that’s my two cents but if you want to spend a 1000$ more on a leaf or cloudponics unit on the chance that they MIGHT be able to contain the smell better than grobo then go for it. But it’s a gamble …


@Growya sorry, didn’t mean to withdraw the post. I’m on my first grow and while I’m still in the vegetative stage, my experience is consistent with @chris_barfield post above that there is a noticeable smell when you get close to the unit. I anticipate that this will only get worse during flowering. I understand that smell reduction is a much more realistic expectation but Grobo boldly claims smell PROOF on their website and that your house won’t be affected by odors. They also market themselves to new growers with little to no prior experience who might think that smell elimination can be fully accomplished. It’s only after you read these forums that you learn that ancillary measures need to be taken. And if you don’t read those, then the smell will most likely become a significant issue AFTER the 45 day warranty period ends…

@chris_barfield is right, the grobo will grow the plant and a lot of people have had great results. So far my plant looks great. But the subject matter at hand here is smell. I completely agree with him that any unit is a gamble because in the end you’re growing a smelly plant. For instance, he mentions cloudponics. I have not seen any light leaks in any videos I’ve seen on that unit (which I believe is available to the public but, as Chris said, is more expensive). BUT it grows six plants…which means six times the smell. So Chris is right, any unit is a gamble.

This is all just my two cents and in the end it’s up to you and how clandestine you’re trying to be. But this is all info I wish someone had told me before I bought mine. Im not an engineer, but it seems to me that unless the unit is air tight (which it isn’t) with carbon filters at both the air intake and exhaust then there will be smell. Potentially significant depending on strain, stage, etc.


Like a Refrigerator/Freezer?..



Thanks for the honest answers @Your_mom and @chris_barfield


@SilverGrobo Great idea!

@Stephen have you considered replacing the current stripping around the door with the type that is found on any common refrigerator? Might be worth testing…


Hi @Your_mom,

Thanks for your honest feedback. We are actively exploring solutions to improve the door, the seal and the impact shipping is having on our smell reduction. The fridge seal is a great idea, one that we continue to test and consider!



@Stephen I have read that ONA can impact aroma and flavor of cannabis even if it’s in the same vicinity of the grow. Is this not the case? I’m assuming grobo has an air intake, so it would make sense to expect ONA to impact the cannabis.

Or is there a filter on the air intake? I’m all about Ona, I use them in my home just as a rule because they work! But I’d like your two cents on potential impact to the plant. I know you suggest putting them up on the box. Thanks!



After additional research, I thought I’d share this.

So if you want to help control the odor use lavender plants throughout the house or area of grow. My friend also suggests this as the aroma can be strong and sometimes overpowering.


Hi @Growya,

In the same room is ok, but certainly not in the grobo itself. I’ve not found any change in terps or smells or flavours when using ONA in the test lab. Having the ONA on top of the unit, it’s closest to the exhaust fan, not the intake fans.



I suggest the team come up with a connection of some sort that would go over or plug into the back of grobo where air is exhausted. Square attachment with round end to clamp dryer hose to and then attach to a can filter such as a phresh filter. Could be just the attachment as an extra in the store.