So I drained and replaced h2o as requested. All the bottom leaves have turned yellow?


Hello Fawn, pics per chance??? As well as any other pertinent info, ie how old is she? Temp and humidity, pics of bottles as well will help.



Send in ticket immediately. Def ph and nute issues


What kind of water you using? Tap? Ro? Mineral? Pic of nutrient bottles plz


Those super yellow leaves I would cut them off.
But before you do anything if you haven’t done so already, put in a support ticket to let the Grobo team check out all the data and point you in the right direction.

There are too many factors that need to be looked at:

Temperature, Humidity, PH, type of water, etc.


Hey @FawnDeer

Is this your first grow by chance? If it is do you see any of the 5 bottles that have used an excessive amount or was emptied? It looks like a pH problem at some point. As @Stephane said send a support request to support@grobo.io


To me def a ph problem… any of the bottles seem to be excessively used?



https://support.grobo.io : Let us know how your (SupportTicket) :ticket::tickets: turns out… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Hey @FawnDeer,

Please put in a ticket to support@grobo.ca as your system isn’t playing very nice with the plant. Seems like it has missed a meal or two. Would love to help you out!