"Extras" I might need for my Grobo

Hello everybody! New grower here & my 1st grow was pretty pathetic. I notice in various photos of other people’s grobo’s that they have “extras” in their Grobo’s. I’ve noticed water temp gauges & some items that I don’t know what it is. Can you give me your opinion on “extras” I can use or might need for my grobo to have better success? I did buy a water temp gauge :+1:t2:
Thank you


In addition to the thermometer with the water probe, you’ll need a thermometer/hygrometer to guage the temp & humidity inside the Grobo.

If you need to raise the humidity you’ll need a humidifier (mini if inside the unit, full-sized if outside the unit).

If you need to lower the humidity you’ll need a dehumidifier.

If your temps are a little high you’ll need a fan or ac.

If your temps are low you’ll need a space heater.

If your water temps are higher than 73°F you might want to look into a water chiller if you can’t move your Grobo to a cooler location.

To protect your plant in the event that your Grobo’s water pump stops working, and to add more oxygen to your reservoir for your plants roots, get an extra water pump & air stone.

To prevent root rot, get Hydroguard.

To help your plant recover from stress, get revive.

To help your plant grow massive roots, get recharge.

To train your plants, get magnetic hooks and a scrog net &/or plant ties

To calibrate your ph probe, get calibration fluid in 7.0pH & 4.0pH

To store your ph probe, get pH electrode storage solution.

[Edit: Added ->

To prune your plant, get pruning shears.

To examine your trichomes and know when your buds are ready for harvest, get a jeweler’s loupe.

To store your buds while they cure, get airtight glass jars with lids.

To have more control over humidity while your buds cure, add Boveda humidity packs to your jars.

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If you have any light leak around the edges of your Grobo’s door, get self-adhesive foam weather strip tape at around 3/16" thickness or less, depending on your needs.

If you want to be able to check on & control your Grobo while you’re away from it, plug all your devices into a wifi enabled smart power strip & make sure your sensors (thermometer/ hygrometer/ aquarium thermometer) are all wifi enabled (not just bluetooth!) smart devices as well so that you can get readings via their respective apps, on your phone.

I think that covers everything.


Wow! Is there enough room for the plant?
Thank you so much for the recommendations!
Quite a list, but I’ll widdle it down based upon where I live. But lots to do.
Thanks again


Yeah it can seem overwhelming, but it’s more manageable if you get things as needed rather than all at once. I added a few more things to the list and if I remember anything else, I’ll be sure to add it as well.

Good luck with your grow!


Thanks for the info. Very helpful.

I occasionally use the H2O2 to keep out bacteria and rapid start for strong root growth.


Good add, I’ve never used anything stronger than the typical 3% solution you find at drug stores, but I looked into it after someone mentioned it either on here or another forum and it seems like it’s super effective & has a lot of household uses too.

Hey there was directed here for some support lol would you happen to have the link to said smart power strip and thermometers?

Lol, welcome!

Govee Wifi Thermometer

Smart Power Strip


I’ve read mixed reviews about the Govee WiFi monitor. Seems they aren’t always very accurate.

I have 2 of them, after calibration using thermpro cooking thermometer they are fine. They were slightly off out of the box.

The realtime reading in the app sometimes lags, but the reading on the actual thermometer is always correct, and so is the app once refreshed.