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My Grobo is located in a well lit room (fluorescent bulb lighting) while the Grobo is in “dark” mode.

Q: Does any external light penetrate the Grobo through the glass door to the inside? It appears to be non transparent.


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HI @Azuri,

As long as you’re not blaring a spotlight on the system, you should be ok. That being said, if it’s a room that isn’t used as much and you can turn the fluorescent lights off while the Grobo’s lights are off, all the better



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Thanks Chris,

I’m a little old school, lol. My grow lights are off during the day from back in the day of HPS and Metal halide to help eliviate heat. Lots of effort went into keeping the room dark during the day. I turn the light off whenever possible but it’s not always possible where my Grobo is. Good news no Hollywood spotlights shinning on the grobo. (Until I crop)


Hi @Azuri,

If you want, there is an option to change your light on/off time from the app. Go to Settings --> Change Light Settings to change the on/off time of your schedule




Yup, love that feature! My lights are off during the day on purpose. When I’m 12/12 flowering it helps with heat it’s humid and hot this summer saves hydro costs too, smart meter expensive rates during the day.