Extending grows

With mixed weights coming in for peoples harvest I personally feel like a lot of that is just first grows. Do you feel in your professional opinion extending grows longer would benefit those with lower first time harvests?

I ask as mine looks good but feel like I could have given her 2 to 3 more weeks in vege. Of course I only say that in hindsite.

Love your feedback




Good Question… :thinking:


Hi @ToddYYC & @SilverGrobo,

Here are my thoughts…

  1. Very excited to see so many new growers having success and helping each other through grows. I know many current ‘pro growers’ that did not even get to harvest their 1st run.

  2. Everyone is doing it a bit differently. I see some gorgeous pictures and some that make my heart skip. We are working to build more into the app that transfers more power to the grower. Extending veg cycles and fine tuning harvest/flush dates are currently high on our list of updates coming.

  3. Weights will increase with experience and as users dial in genetics they are comfortable with. @Azuri pulling in 56 grams + sweet leaf on his 1st run is awesome and eventually will be achievable by everyone as they become more comfortable training their plant.

To answer your question directly, yes. I do think extending your veg cycle can help fill out your plant, but it’s a two edged sword, as the stretch can reduce your yield if you have to super crop too much. Some strains will stretch up to 300%, so caution is recommended. It’s a real Goldilocks & the 3 Bears situation!



I’ll piggback on @Stephen response which is bang on in my opinion. There was a noticeable pain to my gain. I had to extend my veg state by 11 days due to HST and then in flower we added some time and then I removed a few days as she ripened up. My flush ran almost 14 days, I forget the exact days now.

Moral of the story I added a month to my grow. Genetics plays huge role too I was impressed with @Bongsmoker89 Tangerine Dream auto results. I don’t think any changes were made to his reciepe? He got close to my yield with less fuss. :man_shrugging:

Both @rainstorm3 and I grew the same strain and trained differently but the thing that caught my eye was how differently the buds formed.

Lastly, if growing a Sativa dominate strain I’d really be cautious of stretch if you’ve added grow time in the veg stage. Adding days for ripeness in flower or flush no probs.


@Azuri yeah I honestly had zero issues besides experimenting with the zero water spotting a few leaves. And correct I didn’t add any time just recipe grow.
I lollipoped, topped and microtopped mine.
I could have gotten 2 ounces im sure if I didn’t screw that 2 main stem up after I topped it.



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