Droopy Leaves after week 3.5

I have just noticed a marked difference in my small plant.

Its just turned week 4 and the green leaves look a bit Droopy and the Tap Root has turned darker at the bottom.

Should I be concerned


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1st Grow.
Started 6th Dec.
Using distilled water
No Mods of any kind.

Just a little worried with the Droop and the discolouration of the bottom Half of the Tap root.

The stem looks quite strong

The top half of the Tap Root is starting to sprout small roots ?

Appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

Frankie Becker


Hi Frankie and welcome to AG. Congrats on starting your first grow. We’d like to see a picture of your roots inside your reservoir as well.

First of all, you can start with pushing your coco pod up to at LEAST level with the lid as per Grobo’s recommended planting instructions, unless you have a lid with a sticker inside of it that says place pod here, but I don’t think you do. Personally, I’d aim for a little higher, like say 1/4- 1/2" higher and put a mini fan or two directed at your stem and pod on low to start drying out your pod. A pod that is too wet can cause damping off. A picture of your stalk where it meets the pod all the way around would be great. If your plant is starting to damp off, you’ll see dark spots or blotches or just darkness where the stem meets the pod due to too much moisture. Then somewhere below this sign will be some constriction in the stem, strangling it and not allowing it to drink, which will also show in the leaves.

Did you just hit late veg? In late veg the water level rises and my guess is your pod is sitting in the water with no oxygen space between it and the water which it needs. It’s really hard to tell this unless you have a gopro or other underwater camera to be certain, peekaboo doesn’t do it, lol.

Other things you really should have in there are a hygrometer to know the temperature and humidity inside the Grobo and an aquarium thermometer to tell you the temperature of the water inside the reservoir. If your water’s too warm, you’re susceptible to root rot, which can cause root discoloration and droopy leaves. Do your roots feel slimy or smell bad? Those are other indications.

Could just be that your pod needs to move up, could just be thirsty from the looks of it, need more pictures, closer up, including roots, temperatures if you have them please.

You can read about root rot and damping off both by using the search tool here and by visiting www.growweedeasy.com, they have TONS of information on those and many other cannabis issues we could possibly face along the grow.

It may even be nothing at this point, hard to say from that one picture. If you suspect something’s up though, submit a ticket and support will help get you squared away! :smiley:

Good luck @Frankie


Thanks All :slight_smile:


Great post @Angiebaby !


Thanks @pyromancy! I’m learning!! :smiley:


@Angiebaby is pretty spot on. The biggest cause of the droopiness I believe is in agreeance with some of what she said, as the pod may be too saturated at this point which could be cutting off some oxygen to the plant. This is one of the main causes of drooping or wilting look of the leaves. The Late Vegetation water level can cause this sometimes as it’s back to High fill now, which will be much closer to the pod.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there might be an issue with your pH probe. Sometimes they don’t arrive the way they should from the factory.

I would possibly suggest sending in a support ticket to Grobo to have them take a look at the pH probe and what it’s reading on their end:

How does Bottle #1 and Bottle #2 look so far? These are the pH up and pH down bottles respectively which the Grobo monitors the use of hourly. Can you post a picture of those just to make sure one isn’t being overused this early in the grow?

As far as your tap root – sometimes they become stained from the nutrients (most of the time actually)… Sprouting little baby roots from the main one is completely normal and will start to build the strong root system for your plant in that manner!

A picture of the roots/reservoir would help us diagnose any issues down there, though.



My “1st born” is now severely stunted and most root is discoloured

I have severe Root Rot.

The plant has already gone into a 12/12 light cycle - At its present size and state of repair, I wonder if I have to start again or somehow send it back into veg growth ie 6/18 light cycle

Hydroguard is not easily available

Await help


Can you post some pics of the plant, the main stem where it goes into the cocopod, and pics of your nute bottles?

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