Drones for the win


How about one to guard your Grobo at all times?


@ToddYYC, how are the ladybugs doing? Need a drone? Giggle…



Niceeeeee. Costs as much as the grobo I bet. Hahahaha. I would totally use them


Tbh when did I do the lady bugs. 5 to 6 months ago. I’m still finding dead bodies…


Do you feel it helped at all?


They literally ate every bug in the house on any plant in the house. I have 36 indoor plants currently and no bugs. Considering about 5 to 10 go out in warm weather I think it was totally worth 20 dollars for a non chemical way to clean house essentially.


Sounds like a wise way to go. Getting rid of those pesky bugs is important and difficult.



Those bugs can be a pain to get rid of. Especially the spider mites on cannabis plants…but they did the trick…actually got about 10 grams off each the outdoor transplants. So worth saving imho