Dr. Grinspoons.....HELP......SOS


Ok all so being in the states limits my ability to buy a specific strain I’ve been dying to get a hold of but those who have it now don’t ship to, or take payment from residents of the states. This strain is from Barney’s farm, and they have it now. As does delicious seeds, and a few others. My problem is neither true north, nor seedsman have it available…:ever it seems. So if someone wants to help me out we can work something out. I’m willing to pay a premium, within reason of course. If you are able to order from Barney’s or delicious seeds, I would love your help. The strain is Dr. grinspoons heirloom sativa # 5 and I want to grow her in the worst/best way. Here is a pic of this unique lady:


Please help :pray::pray::pray::heart_eyes:


Email me at industrialx@shaw.ca and we can figure something out


So seedsman is going above and beyond. Ruth understands Barney’s farm has grinspoon seeds but are only selling them retail on their site so their purchasing department couldn’t get any. However I just got word from her stating she is going to ask them to sell her a 10 pack as a one off then get them to me. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: they allow her to do so!!! :+1::v::exploding_head::dizzy_face: Talk about customer service!!!


That strain looks super interesting


I sure hope Barney’s lets Ruth from seedsman buy that 10 pack for me. I have dreamed of growing her for years!


I spent some time searching. It seems that strain is available from seedbanks in Europe but they don’t ship to North America and the seedbanks in NA don’t seem to get supply or not very often. Interestingly enough you can pretty much find any of their other strains. :man_shrugging:


Yep, those other banks may have had them, but most don’t and those that do have a very limited amount. Barney’s pretty much always had a supply, but the strain is being discontinued, not sure if for good.


Interesting, doesn’t look like a high yielder but if the quality makes up for it I guess it would be ok. Need a mother plant if they are going to discontinue and clone for ever more.


The smoke is an absolute game changer. It grows into little compact “pearls” with many on the plant. Not sure about cloning this girl. Will need more expert advice on that, but I do plan on seeding one plant so as to ensure the strain doesn’t die.


Im not an expert on mothers for clones but I’d imagine a regular seed (not feminized) and if the clone always come from the mother you won’t get generational degrading. What say you @Stephen ?


Agreed there, but my concern is that it might be more difficult to clone this type of “plant” as she is nor like a little tree. I’ll have to grow her out first to see


If you get a solid female in your seeds, then by all means keep her in a mother chamber and clone away. You will be good for years. Combining a male with your female to produce seeds will start to see some drift and complexity come into your gene pool.

Let us know if you find any!



Ok so here is the latest response from Ruth at seedsman:


Tenacity and perseverance pay off. I’ll wait for seeds in hand before I celebrate, but talk about customer service…wow I’m impressed. :exploding_head:


Found this today…


Wow what they did with one plant is crazy…


Did you scroll down and see his ph data? 7.0 pretty high eh! She is beautiful though, although not like the pic on Barney’s


And she’s drinking 1.5 gallons every 24 hrs lol



I love that site too. Lots of strains in different stages. Good info on that site too. Thanks :pray:


Wtfthats 1 plant…damn son