Dogs always want to help out


Here is my best friend, Bo. He is a Whoodle

He loves to be involved in everything and often comes to work to help out with all of the testing I’m doing.

Anyone else have helpers like this? I know @chris_barfield has a helper…


Yeah, my girl Charlie, pictured in my avatar circle loved to eat leaves. Sadly we had to put her down about a month ago because she had cancer and was in pain. Worst day of my life, but she’s not in pain anymore.


So sorry to hear that @rouleauj, sending positive vibes your way.

Spring time is a great time for new puppies. :wink: :dog:



@Stephen, @chris_barfield, and @rouleauj:



RIP… :sob::sob::sob:


@Stephen that’s the same dog my wife wants !! Lol funny story about my dog is a co worker was going to leave him
Outside and never open the door again becuase he had so much energy… so I stole him from his backyard that same day … he was only 2 months old … since then he has been the sweetest nicest 90lbs razors edge bully blue nose you could ever meet … he’s fully trained and helps the police department out finding drugs and also lifeguards at a nearby state lake …

Little do they know he smokes more weed than me haha … he will even steal the mason jars of the flavors he likes

@rouleauj sorry to hear that bro I know I would be just as devastated as you if I had to go through that!!


Sorry, I mixed up @rouleauj with @chris_barfield there for a second.



Guard cat?


Hey Chris, that is exactly how my Charlie always slept. Too funny😂


Sorry to hear that @rouleauj that’s the hardest thing to do. Love in the memories!


My helper in all of the things. Biggie Smalls is never not in my business.


@rainstorm3 biggie smalls haha greatest name ever


Hey @rainstorm3,

You had the office rolling in laughter this morning with this: “Biggie Smalls is never not in my business.”



Funny thing is Stephen, I remember dogs’ names before people’s :dizzy_face::scream::exploding_head: