Does grobo flush cannabis?


Was wondering if there was a flush at the end of flower for cannabis recipes?


Hi chris_barfield,

Wonder no more! Each cannabis recipe has a 10 day flush at the end of the recipe. This helps deliver the best flowers possible. Great question.


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What’s a flush?


@SterlingNico a flush is at the end of flowering stage right before you harvest. Basically the grobo will feed only water to plant no nutrients to allow all the nutrients built up in the plant get used by the plant to ensure the best tasting and healthiest cannabis To consume.

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Ah! Interesting! Thanks!



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I am about 40 days into flowering. Wondering if it is time to flush?

Also a question that arises when smoking. Just wondering that if we flush for 10 days so we can smoke good pot, how come the strawberries don’t get a flush. Just wondering. :roll_eyes:


Hey @greenman,

Flush is automatic, during the last 10 days of each cannabis recipe, so you don’t have to do anything. Your buds have really filled out!

Cannabis is fed on a much higher nutrient schedule than most berries, hence the flush. Also we eat berries but smoke cannabis, so a slight difference there too.