Do the fans come start on day 10 or after day 10?


Been reading on the forum some post say they will start on day 10 some say after just wondering I’m on day ten and don’t see the fans. Just trying to avoid sending a ticket as my grobo has been problematic and they are probly tired of seeing my emails. Lol



Not sure if all reciepes are the same. If the fan doesn’t kick in by day 11 send a ticket. Second one comes on at day 24 I believe. I’m only at day 22 so far.



@chris_barfield exactly as @Azuri said - if they don’t work over the next few days write us a support ticket and we can help you out



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@Chris gotcha I was just wondering I know when I turned my grobo on during Initial setup both worked so I’m confident they will turn on.

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@chris_barfield interesting fact actually - because of our quality control process we made them default to on so that our final QC representative could make sure that all systems are a go before that unit leaves the nest :+1:



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Hey @chris_barfield

I thought I’d follow up with you. I hit day 24 yesterday the 2nd fan didn’t kick in right away. It seems the “magic” time is 11:00pm EST for all notifications and parameter changes to go live on our Grobo’s. All my notifications and new things happen at that hour.