Do edibles get activated by smoking?


Honest question, does smoking cannabis activate the edibles eaten? I ask the question because, when I eat edibles, and they don’t kick in I smoke and then they kick in like I’m trippin​:+1::v::joy::exploding_head::scream::shushing_face:


I’m real happy right now :relieved:


Dunno, but lol.


Ok so, I ate two 5mg gummies. After about 2 hours I didn’t really feel anything, so instead of eating another, I decided to have a smoke. Well right after that, the gummies came on like donkey Kong. This has happened to me several times when I eat those gummies. Wasn’t sure if smoking would help bring out the effects of the edibles.


@rouleauj It’s like drinking before you go to the club you have a little buzz really don’t feel and then you get in there have one or two drinks and you’re all messed up LOL


Fatty foods double the effect but never heard of them activating on a smoke.