Didn't pop yet

Hi guys. So I planted a dinafem shark attack seed and after 4 days I had nothing so I pulled the seed while I was pre soaking the 2nd seed. I transplanted the 2nd seed and I still have nothing growing. I peeked in the coco pod and the shell did open and looks like a root may have started to head south. Grobo alert wants me to change the water not sure what I should do?

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Hey @Blackthumb,

It’s good that you see action inside the pod, go ahead and cover it back up with the piece of coco pod if you haven’t already. It is not necessary to conduct the first water change (the notifications are simply on a weekly timer which started the minute you initiated your recipe). In fact, if you are running Hydroguard it is actually recommended that you skip the first change to allow the good bacteria to colonize.

OK great. Thank you for quick response i appreciate it. Fingers crossed I think the seed is just lazy

How many days has it been in the pod?

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I pulled the 1st seed i believe 4 or 5 days in. So this one has been sitting for 3-4 days.

Copy that be patient, she will pop soon!

Unfortunately my second seed failed as well :frowning:
Trying to pre soak the last seed in the pack and hope for the best. When I pulled the seed she opened very little. I have it in a wet paper towel just to make sure but not expecting much. My question is should I def use a different coco pod and re clean machine before 3rd attempt?

Hi Blackthumb. I was advised by Grobo support to re-use the coco pod one time only. I’m a 1st time grower and quickly discovered that I will always germinate outside Grobo (via paper towel until a small white sprout emerges) after an initial failed attempt.

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