Did I trellis correctly?


I just cut up a trellis net and tried to install it but I’m not sure I did it correctly. Then I got to thinking and started asking myself is it to late to trellis? Does it work? What does it actually do? Etc etc etc…

So I thought I’d make a thread for the more experienced to chime and state the facts. Figured we’d all learn something. @Azuri @Stephen


I would make squares smaller @chris_barfield


Yup, mine were too large so it didn’t work as well as I would of liked. Its design is really for multiple plants, SoG. @chris_barfield it helps reduce training. You can control where the colas are growing so you can optimize the lighting of each cola. Google search see of green for more details. :+1:


Hey @chris_barfield I know this was over a month ago now but do you know roughly what day/stage you were on for this part? I want to make a trellis as well for my little girl as she’s starting to spread out. I’m on day 31


Well that plant has a story behind it … I transplanted that plant from soil and it went through tons of shock as part of an experiment so my days would be off but I’d say It was around the 30s. Judging from your pic I’d start that now. You can trellis as early as you want.


Cool man thanks!:call_me_hand:


Chris where did u get your magnet hooks from?


Hey @Mcmanis

Try Amazon here’s some:


Thanks. I really wish the grobo came with something to help.


I got
Mine from Lowe’s which is a home
Improvement store like Home Depot … don’t know
If your in the states or not but they were like two dollars and they are strong as hell


Got mine from geek super cheap and :muscle:t4: