Delaying the weekly drain and fill one or two days


Hello everyone!

Does anyone know if there’s negative consequences/effects if you’re late for a drain and fill by one or two days? I read one of Stephen’s posts which said it’s better to do it early, I’m not sure how bad it is to leave it a day or two though…


You should be fine from what I’ve read, but hopefully for anyone this is affecting (me too) it won’t be more than two days. My second fan was suppose to come on today and did so I believe the units are still linked to recipes, however, this obviously doesn’t help drain/fills. I’d just keep an eye on your plant and maybe even check on the water (what it looks like, nice an clear hopefully) n roots. The first time I logged in tonight I was able to access everything on the app except ‘My Grobo’. Meaning clicking on Maintenance might work, I got the error code then hit the back button on the browser. Of course it’ll only worked once.


I’m pretty consistent but haven’t had issues when waiting a day or two if your away etc