Day 66 of my Grow


This Northern Lights strain seems very slow growing, Im getting automated messages that my buds should be filling out well but they are not. Im on Day 66 of the grow but not sure how long in flowering so far. Im attaching a picture so you can see. The recipe says 109 days for this strain but does not elaborate on how many weeks this strain should be in flower before being ready to harvest. Seems not so specific and for a new grower, that can be confusing.


Just keep her alive until you see cloudy trichomes or Amber ones the recipes are not a schedule you should be following to the T. They are more for guidance it’s up to you to decide … and the flowers don’t pack on weight till towards the end Of flowering


Thanks @chris_barfield. The buds have at least a month to go but I’ll be watching!


I believe the vegetative stage is 40 days and then the lights change from 18hrs/day on to 12hrs/day on…so I would guess your about 26 days into flowering… mine was slow growing at first also , only 8" tall on day 40 and 14" tall on day 55 (but my lights were on 18hrs daily between day 40 and 55 since my vegetative stage was extended because I topped just before the flowering stage was to start…
so I would say thats about right… Your strain of Northern lights looks a bit different than my current grow… it’s up to you to determine when to harvest. a great site to learn about growing mj is Grow Weed easy …they go into quite a bit of detail You can change the effect i.e. the longer the grow the more sedative effects


and here is the harv

est chart on that website


Is your grow an auto variety of northern lights or a normal variety? maybe that’s why your plant looks quite a bit different than my Northern Lights … there is a thread on share your grow entitled Plants over 70 days… and a posting dec 2018 by Darthgrobo with pics of an auto northern lights which also looks a lot different than mine , more like yours…the autos automatically flower i.e. the flowering stage is not triggered by changing the light cycle from 18 hrs per day to 12 hrs per day… for a nonauto you do not need to change the light , it will automatically (at some point) flower…supposedly


Not an auto, it’s photoperiod


Most seedbanks say 6 to 8 weeks of flowering for their northern lights… My current grow of a northern lights from canuk seeds is at approx 8 weeks of the flowering stage and still has a week or two to go… since I like a more sedated effect … I don’t have any amber trichomes yet …still all cloudy…


Ya, mine will need at least 3-4 more weeks as the buds still have not filled out yet. There is definitely trichromes developing but no bulk in the buds yet


Typically, when they have a number of weeks or days that is specifically for flowering as far as I’m aware. I’d say you have another 40 days or so of flower then another 10 for flush, then another week or so of drying so approx 2 mths :+1::v::exploding_head::scream: