Day 20 of First Grow - Firm Leaves and Stunted Growth


This is my first grow and first Grobo grow but I’m concerned as the growth seems stunted for Day 20 when compared to other postings.

I may have used the wrong seed recipe. I have a feminized auto flower Early Miss (big bud & white widow). I chose the Big Bud and White Widow recipe but not auto, is this an issue?

Also, the soil seems a bit too wet, however the water is not touching it, just the root system.

I’m using Reverse Osmosis water and have been on top of all scheduled maintenance.

Thanks in advance for your advice!


Big issue. Auto”s are on a different light cycle. Send a pm to Stephen and ask him to switch you over.


Also your coco pod should be flush with the lid if you don’t have the blue sticker in the coco pod hole, and if you do then the pod needs to be down to that line. Your pod might just be too high above the water.:+1::v:


Thank you Jerry! Appreciate the feedback and will do so.


Anytime. I also noticed some extra vegetation kinda coming out of the side of the coco pod (?) if that is the case you’ll want to remove that as well to prevent pests


Good eye! Yes, I noticed that last night (when I took the pics). Also, I noticed some greenish spotting on the cocoa pod too…any idea on that?


Yep that is helpful bacteria. Don’t worry about that, it’s good :grinning::+1::v:


Phew! :sweat_smile:


When I pushed the cocoa pod down, it was very moist…wet enough that green liquid was left around the lip after I pressed it into the hole.

The water level doesn’t seem too high but the pod is soaked when I lift the lid.


If you can squeeze some water out, you might want to. You should get some paper towels and sop up som water from top. If it stays really wet your girl will run into damping off. Coco pods too wet where stem and coco pod meet, causing the plant to suffocate and thus cannot take up nutrients, and eventually just falls over and dies


Or you can stop buying autos … reg or fem seeds … never been a fan of autos


Hey Chris, I’ma run an auto starting this weekend. Got it as a free seed, and I’ve never grown one so I figured I’d give it a whirl. I only have a three month lease, just in case my teaching job gets cut due to budget. Don’t think I’ll have to worry, but it would suck to get a killer strain going only to have to move again. :triumph::cry::joy:


Hey Chris,

Not sure what the negatives are to the auto feminized seeds but I’m open to trying regular seeds. I just wanted to ensure that my first grow was fruitful.

Is there any way you can tell before planting them if they are likely to be female? Or is it just a “wait and see”?


If it’s a reg seed, then it’s a wait and see until you can sex it


Gotcha. How long into the grow before you can sex it?


Give this a read:


Honestly just go with fem seeds. Saves you wasting 1/3rd of a grow just to find out it might be male. Unless you really don’t care about that then by all means get reg seeds. I would just want to get as many grows in as I can which is why all my seeds are fem


I agree here russel. Besides reg seeds are just as expensive in most cases, and I’ve seen them more expensive :joy:


Thanks for the advice!


Start her in the same pot bro