Day 17 gelly biscuit is she ok?


Yes, the leaves just don’t like touching the grow space floor. You will be removing those soon enough. All of your new growth looks great. Are your seeds from Solfire?

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Yes but do u see the orange tips bro ?

Yeah there from solfire

Minor nute burn at most, this is more common than not in Grobo. I wouldn’t be concerned so long as new growth continues to look good.

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Cool thank you so much bro

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No worries my man, have you grown their genetics previously?

Nope this is my second grow but I have a purple haze auto in my tent rn that’s almost done image

This is my first time with solfire but I do have a purple haze auto in my grow tent

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Nice, will watch you’re grow. They are one of the few larger breeders who I haven’t bought packs from.