Damping Off?

Hey wanted to know from the community what’s the thoughts on my baby. Shes on day (9/14) of early veg, but is still really small and kinda droopy to me compared to others I’ve seen from the community. Does anyone have any info on whats going on? This is a Non-auto Do-si-dos feminized seed by Canuk

Hey Captain,

On what day of germination did she emerge from the pod?

Day (6/10) of Germination

Day (7/10) of Germination

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She does appear to be growing a bit slow in that case. What strain is it that you’re growing?

Do-si-dos from Canuk

That’s not damping off I’d let her b


There’s your answer :+1::+1:

Stem would be mad weak and plant kind of dropping over roots would be gross too


Thanks :+1: