Critical Mass, outdoor

Interesting, I’ll have to look into this further and if I can get this :+1:

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Thanks for all your input also! :beers:

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They’re cheap. I pay less than 10$’s for a fairly large bag of worm castings to add into my soil. My outside grow is better than last, but it’s also not nearly as hot this summer and a lot more rain so hard to tell if it’s the affect of work castings or multiple scenario changes.

If you’re growing two of the same strain next, I’d be interested in seeing the two plants side by side. One organic and the other organic with worm castings. My outdoor window has closed for the most part. Anything that wasn’t in the ground by middle of June is likely too late to get a large yield from in my location. Simply not enough time.

No worries that’s why most of us come here. To see pics of cannabis, check out the latest gadgets folks buy and a few extra heads to bounce issues and ideas off

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Yeah I’ve been here for a year almost and have learned quite a bit and I thought I had some knowledge. I mean I do but not as much as I once thought. These are very complex plants if you want to get into the nitty gritty details of it lol

Yeah I know what you mean by climate I’m in Ontario, Canada and I got mine out the 3rd weekend in May luckily but it was already a well established plant at that point lol

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Ok, so to answer a few questions. You should be using ro water and most def ph’ing with a good pen. I use blue labs and have never had to buy a new one, just recalibrate monthly. Rain water is sketchy, due to the fact you don’t know what kinds of pollutants are in the air when it rains. This will give you water with different ph’ and whatever else might in the water. I still feed my plants I grow outside when I do grow outside, especially if the plant is in some sort of container. If straight in the ground you’ll need to water more if it doesn’t rain often. Hope that helps :+1::v:


Yeah, damn… Lmao. Well guess I’ll just use the rainwater for the grass when it’s dry or something​:sweat_smile: Crap lol. I mean it makes total sense now talking about it with you guys. I do this for the Grobo more or less… Why wouldn’t I for my outside one. And :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I just watered it last night when I got back cause it was dry. I’ll be getting a pen and guess I’m using more r.o water lol…

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Hey @Osage what do you think of this? Cause my r.o. unit is fairly small, it’s just enough to fill the Grobo then I need to wait until it refills if I want to use it for something else


I don’t know about that one. I sue a countertop unit and it works great for me and about the same price. Takes a while to fill a 5 gal container but not a problem for me here:


Damn I never thought about bottling the water… :exploding_head: Haha. Man game changer, and such a simple one at that


Yeah maybe I’ll just use what I have. This is mine


Yeah, just check the ppm of the water after it’s run through the filter. The closer to zero the better. I get absolute zero ppm, but the ph of the water is typically right around 8.5. Super high, but nothing a little ph down won’t take care of. :+1::v::joy:

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So to check ppm, would I need something else to check that? I feel like my pH isn’t too bad cause I’ve only just changed my BTL #1 and still haven’t changed my #2

Not sure the question. Are you talking a soil grow or the box? If soil is it indoors or out? If it’s for the grobo, is just adjust the ph prior to a fill so the machine doesn’t have to fight it and fk up your plant. Remember grobo ph’s every hour.

Well you said to check the ppm for the water coming out of the unit and then my second part was I feel like my water is fairly good on the pH side of things just cause I have barely used my 1-2 bottles. Or I just have no idea what I’m talking about and that’s why you’re confused with what I said :rofl::rofl:

Ohh, ok typically we check the ph and ppm if the used grobo water after a drain to get an idea of ph fluctuations, as well as the ppm to adjust nutes. Since you aren’t doing things manually, I’d just take readings a few times a week in the res, just to ensure the machine is ph’ing properly and dispensing nutes in the correct amounts. Sorry with so many people asking about both soil and the box grows I sometimes get confused. And values for the two are def different. Hope that helps :+1::v:

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Well turns out she was just hard pressed for nutrients. My buddy who’s growing some monster plants gave me some food he was using, no idea what it is, I forget but she’s rebounding great. Getting back to a nice green :+1:
The nodes on this plant are suuuuper tight, can’t wait till actual bud mass starts!


Well it’s been a while! End of summer was pretty hectic for me but here she is! On a sad note she got pollinated, which is a huge piss off for me but whatever…life goes on. Unsure about weight yet, I’ll do final weight after the cure but I got 10 jars full and one jar jammed full of sugar leaf and small buds. I had about 100 seeds literally fall off the plant while I was trimming off the stalks for jars so there’s quite a bit. Might just end up using this to make concentrates but we’ll see. Smell is unreal thought and what bud there is, is covered in trichomes. Sooooo unbelievably sticky. Smells like skunky berries.

Hopefully next year whoever had the male learns to pull it so it doesn’t wreck other people’s harvests. My buddy who lives like a 5 min walk had his plants pollinated as well sadly. Likely from the same source, these were his beasts! Some were like 13ft tall lol. Fan leaves the size of a basketball or bigger lol



((#Harvest)): ((#SorryForPollination)):




Thanks @SilverGrobo :slight_smile:


Sooo my critical mass has been curing for over a month now, going to give it another month. Smells so good and is crazy sticky…lol. I just weighed my 10 jars, the contents fit in two solo red cups per jar, so I needed to do it 20 times which is why I’m not posting pics of me doing it lol. So I’m super happy with the end result other than her getting pollinated

Drumroll… :drum::drum::drum::drum::drum::drum:

I ended up with 329 g flower and no idea about the trim, too lazy to weigh that lol. So 11.75 oz off my plant. Again super happy with the end result, I did not think I was going to get that much lol. Was also my first plant to be main-lined (I didn’t do it, was done for me :joy:) and man does it seem to work out nicely!