Critical Mass, outdoor


So I started my outdoor grow. Well…“started”…lol. This plant was started indoors for me and I got it a week ago just wanted to wait until I put her in the ground. She’s quite the bush, he did a great job doing what he did she should turn out to be a beast :crossed_fingers:


Yep, she’s super happy :+1::v:


Her roots have definitely taken to the transplant into the ground. She had some yellowing at the beginning but she seems to have stabilized with the fresh soil


Hey Russ, I’d say from the looks of it you could do some topping if you haven’t already(hard to tell from your pics, but I think those tall girls could be topped), doing that will slow that ventricle growth, and that will give you time to thin her out on bottom and top any spots that are ready below. Basically I’d try to get that canopy as even as possible for when she flowers.

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Yeah what I was going to do was start to tie the branches down once they softened up a bit, they were really stiff and woody when I got it. Essentially I want to have the bigger branches horizontal, I was doing it with my hands and it really opened it up. There’s already 30+ tops in there under it all…lol

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That’s what I figured. Just take the tall branches and super crop them. Squeeze the stalk between your fingers just at the top of the bushy canopy. Squeeze and twist until you feel the vegetation give, then bend it out at a 90 degree angle to the canopy. Thus will keep those tall branches horizontal to the rest of the plant and you’ll see new shoots grow vertically from there. Top as many as you can in the bushy part and start lollipoping her. Watch a couple YouTube vids on super cropping, and lollipoping if you’re unfamiliar. Good luck :+1::v::joy:


This was from yesterday but she’s growing really well now. Going to tie down some branches tmrw to let the inside growth have a chance to get bigger, there’s 20+ bud sites so I’m good on topping. I want to get the branches as horizontal as I can thinking that the smaller branches coming off those will the grow up. I’m just going to be experimenting at this point :+1:

These next pics are from a buddy’s outdoor grow, sour kosher is the strain, I’ve never seen leaves this big…lol


Well it’s been almost 3 weeks since I updated my outdoor grow. Tied the outermost branches down to get better light coverage. She seems to be doing just fine :slight_smile: the branches that are now somewhat horizontal have their smaller branches going vertical. I can see some bugs have been doing stuff to some of the leaves but I’m not overly concerned, nothing that’s hurting her by the looks of it.

I did a bunch of lollipopping and took some small branches off that weren’t going to make the cut lol. I can probably do away with more but I felt like that was enough for one day. I’ll take some more off in a couple weeks. Still lots of growing left to do. She is pretty big though so far. I’m 6’1" and the tops in the middle are just at the bottom of my ribcage so I’d guess at least 3.5’ tall