Cookies Gelato First time grower! Need help

Hey Everyone,

First time growing decided to go with Cookies Gelato. I’m on my first day of Early Vegetation but I checked my grobo this morning and my little guy looks droopy on one of the leaves. Anybody know what could be the cause of it?


It looks good, I would not worry too much about this. It could be that it was touching the wet pod there.
But a more experienced grower might know more than me about this.

Id keep an eye on your pod and make sure its not too wet after you transition out of germination.

BTW - If you hit the button in the back with the door open it gives you a better light for pics.


Okay thank you! I was going crazy thinking I did something wrong

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@SilverGrobo Thank you I just put in a ticket just waiting for a reply. But bubbles are working and not a 100 percent if it needs more water.


It looks good, only your root tips only needs to be wet for her to thrive btw.
I notice you have some condensation underneath your lid, what is your water temperature?
Have you picked up any hydroguard yet? I would definitely add some to your grow regularly if your water temps are 72f and above.

BTW great taste in flavor, cookies gelato is :fire:


Day 9 of early Veg little guy is pushing through


Awesome :slight_smile:
I love it when they are this age, you can almost see them building arms and stretching out their neck… Oh us humans how we love to personify everything ><!

I guess actually to me its more like an alien creature than a human :smiley:


You singlehandedly changed the way I look at my baby plant now I can’t unsee it LOL


Day 12 or early Veg little buddy Keeps growing and maybe I’m worrying too much but is he supposed to be leaning like this ?

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It looks like it’s leaning due to the way it came out of the cocopod…kinda sideways. Mine sorta did this a little bit at the start, so it was quite the leaner for a little bit…

I used a magnetic hook and a green plant tie to support it up straight until I felt it was strong enough to stand on it’s own.

She should be fine in time… If you feel inclined to try to support her, wouldn’t hurt.

However, can you take a close up picture with flash on of the stem where it meets the pod? I and others most definitely would want to check in this situation for potential damping off occuring. You should be good since the pod is raised up pretty far but I would hate to miss that diagnosis if there are early signs.


Thank you for the help and the suggestion!!! Was kind of freaking out a little since this is my first grow but here is a picture of the stem


Doesn’t look too bad. I see a tiny bit of brown spots around the edges but it doesn’t appear to be anything to worry about as long as you make sure the pod stays dry down there!


Day 5 of late Vegetation

He’s starting to come out huge and still leaning but thinking about topping him soon also.


Stalk and stem are looking great and thickening up too! She’s gettin big!

You are probably good to go ahead and top, looks like enough nodes.


Hey Everyone

Wanted to give an update Day 37 day 13 of Late Veg

Fan leaves are huge this point but still think I need to extend a week since it is not quite the same level as the second fan but so buddy is looking good

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