Connected Cannabis Co. - F1 Durban X Gushers

Thank you! :grin:

That’s true. F1 Durb is a special lady, I had to get these seeds. They just came out with seeds finally!! I hope they come out with Biscotti seeds next.

This is where I got my seeds -


I might need you to grab me some

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Yea bro for sure, I deff wish that happens; biscotti is one of my favorites for real. It’s iconic, there’s absolutely nothing like it, I’m in L.A almost every month and always looking for it at melrose and maywood but they had to give up that strain that’s why Berner was dissing it in his music, cuz Jigga from the cookie fam actually created the biscotti, but it was while they were working closely with connected and then they split up and had issues I believe, so now you can only get it by connected, they run biscotti now. I actually looked them up and found it. They also have Planet Dosi by Alien Labs which is supposed to be Gelato 41 X dosido, that shud be fire as well. I’ve tried Sherbacio by Alien Labs, and wow. Those guys don’t play around, only spittin fire in the game for real. I respect Alien Labs big time.


Ahh… That makes sense. Because Connected and Cookies almost have the same strains. I thought they were the same company for awhile lol

True, Alien Labs is bomb too. Especially their Gelato 41. I wanted to get their Planet Dosi seeds…but not for 500, plus tax. I’ve tried Sherbacio too, its amazing. I even love their Banana Milk and I’m not even a fan of Purple Punch.

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Rainbow Star - Day 101 F46


Yee, until Cookies started opening their own shops, they were teamed up with connected, they worked together, and were partners of some sort I believe, so authentic cookies products were only sold at their shops at the time. The connected shop in the bay was actually called Cookies SF before but it was connected’s shop, after the split it changed back to Connected. Also if you look on Connected’s menu I doubt u’ll find any products by Cookies, cuz they give their drops to other shops too, but not at connected, and the same goes for at cookies- you won’t find connected products, cuz they had some issues. So I guess they were just there when breeding certain strains n got to keep some special phenos and strains entirely to themselves. Yee Alien Labs is super dope. Haha, purple punch was cool for a bit, but I got over it too lol. It’s cool from time to time.

Purple punch is a beautiful looking plant but I dunno it never packed a punch to me … wasn’t a big fan of purple punch either but cool thanks for that info

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