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Be on day 103 and 2nd day of flush this afternoon but I don’t think it worked properly because it dispensed bottles 3,4 & 5. Can’t wait till she comes down tho!!


Daaaaang she a beast


Thanks she sure is I never thought she would have stretched so much. But the buds are all really dense. Can’t wait super excited to give a final report.


Day 47


Two days from scheduled harvest. :heart_eyes:
Trichomes are still pretty clear. Whadya think @Stephen


She is looking delicious @JBizzle! You can extend a couple days if you want, @Azuri went 12 days in flush, you could probably go up to 14 if you want. You can also pull a couple buds now, and let the rest catch up. Or pull her all down Wednesday.

So many options…lol



I had a free day today, and I couldn’t wait any longer. Roughly 66 grams before dry.


Looking good @JBizzle, I’d trim all that sweet leaf off into a pile before hanging them to dry. Let the leaf sit on your harvest tray to dry and make some butter or oil with it. Let us know how she smokes…



Here’s the branch I snapped in half. Healed right up…