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I picked up feminized seeds of a Sativa strain called The Big Apple. The genetics are a cross of New York City Diesel x Peanut Butter Breath. Don’t know the grower yet, might be local.

I’m told the source is Scissortail Seed Co. I believe they are new & in Oklahoma.


Day 87. My night time temps get anywhere from 60-75. Daytime temps 78-84.

Still 2 weeks from the flush


@fuz and Mine-Too…






Day 26


@fuz and Mine-Too… Day.6… :wink:



Day 11 cheese n kush image image


day 27


Day 28!






So I dried the Dwarf Low Flyer harvest for 3 days in the Grobo, and it has cured for a week and a day since then. Measured it today & got 13 grams. Given how light & airy the buds are, not sure how much that translates to in normal bud terms. I smoked some today and it was smoother than I expected for such a short cure–probably because it started out so dry–I noticed as I harvested & “wet” trimmed that many of the leaves, even sugar leaves, were drier than I expected.

The bowl I smoked was better than the yield–not only was it smooth tasting, it had the desired medicinal & mood effects. Not a really strong buzz, but it was potent enough, and had the effect of motivating me to get some stuff done in a happier mood than I would have otherwise.


Days 8+9… Snow is pretty…



Day 29


Day 09…



Day 30


@wayne That top down shot is stunning. It’s always amazing to see how symmetrical plants grow!


Thanks bjorn, this is amazing!


Shots from a few days ago when the lights turned off … she’s becoming a little finicky as to what she wants coming into her 6 week of flower … but pictures don’t do the trichomes justice… She is super frosty… smell is of og and fruits and vanilla … smell is pungent right now but my grobo is containing it for right now.

EDIT sorry I didn’t mean to upload my dog trying to drive my car lol but I don’t know how to read code and don’t want to delete the wrong pic lol


Lmao thug life :sunglasses::dog:

Man those are suuuuper caked nugs. How much time you have left? They look pretty tight just the way the leaves have stacked up on eachother


Lol nice!!! Should I post a pic of my Nissan 370Z next to my grobo pics too lol.

Awesome pics man, made my morning.