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Awesome. Do you travel for work? I work in an industry that can assist msg me.

That plant does look sweet bob. Definitely would love to share if your around let me know. Can do a swap for some of mine if its ready (next 30 days or so)


Lst or natural growing … if you lst great job


I go to AB a couple times a year - lived there for 10 years. Heading to Okotoks ~~~.

My big worry is about finishing it now as a buddy is deciding on where we will bugger off to for 2-3 weeks. Hope he doesn’t just jump on a good deal without leaving my plant time to finish.



@chris_barfield, 1st Grow of any kind.


Hit me up anytime. Work for the largest chain in the world.


Couple photos of my weekly drain fill. Day 72
Queen- indica


@JBizzle @Cornholio, Bananas are a term for male pollen sacs in a bit of a slang lingo lol. S1 is basically a term for the methodology to producing S1 seeds or when a plant has been selfed or self-pollinated to produce seeds of the same strain/genes. This happens often with clone only female strains, they take a couple clones, turn one into a male with the silver spray to collect pollen, and then pollinate the other female clones. Or sometimes they will just do it all on one plant by turning the plant into a hermaphrodite. So when you get seeds like this they are considered S1 seeds, following the procedure further transitions into making S2 seeds. These plants tend to be less potent than their true potential because the plant puts energy into producing seeds which it could put into producing resin instead, however, you are able to preserve an offspring, so it all depends on the goals of the grower. This is how feminized seeds are also made.

I deff feel like I saw a banana and not a calyx, but I may be wrong. If you’ve harvested though, I don’t think it would be a problem.





Hold up you work for the travel industry?


@nikidon1 great explanation … if Are you are close to harvest and a banana shows up just pluck it off it shouldn’t be much of a problem in late harvest if you pluck them


Looking nice we are on the same exact day… when I enter my sixth week I’m going to try a weight gainer for my girl see if I can max out her potential … my next grow I’m pushing for 4 oz with some supplements I’ll be trying out


Drain/fill day … buds starting to get fatter this week … she’s smells like blueberry garbage …




Let me know what you use and how it works out!


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Day 22


Disappointing results. This is the main cola and though it’s the best of the plant, the buds are very light and airy. I’ve set them in jars to cure but not sure if I’ll get anything useful. I’m interested in any thoughts about how to use this meager bud and how get a better result next time.
Also interested to know if I need to do anything to prep the Grobo for another grow, like cleaning. Photo of current condition below.
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Hey bud. Haven’t done my harvest yet.
Are you going to grow the same strain again?
It might be your strain it might not be hence the question.
Stephen has cleaning videos up on the main splash page you can watch and read but yes clean your grobo. You could have problems if you dont.
What was the total weight of the harvest?
The strain in growing says 550g per sq meter outdoors or 500 indoors. I suspect I’ll get a lot less than that myself but haven’t done the math as its low priority to me.

Jump into a fast growing strain to see if maybe it was just that particular strain of plant.



The weight including all the stems attached while hung to dry was about 30 grams after 3 days drying in the Grobo. Probably half that after trimming off the stems, but I didn’t weigh cause it seems to be so little as to not be worth it.

Current plan for my next grow is a different strain–Northern Lights auto flower. The strain I just harvested was Dwarf Low Flyer.

In the new Oklahoma medical marijuana market there are also lots of seeds for sale I could try, but I don’t think the growers are on Grobo’s lists and thus they likely won’t have recipes.

Thanks for the cleaning reference, I’ll check it out.