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Day 81. Everything looks pretty clear in the jewelers loupe, so I’d say I’ve got 3-4 weeks.

How much do y’all think my yield will be?


I’m harvesting today. Do these little balls I see in several branch nodes mean I have a male or hermaphrodite? If so, will I get anything smokeable from this plant?






Thanks @SilverGrobo. I see that difference now.
The buds are not tight but here’s what I’m drying now.


I do see some bananas on your pic, you should try and remove them as soon as you spot them throughout your grow. I had one too, but I pulled it off early. Congrats on the harvest, i’m sure it will be fire as long as the flowers weren’t s1’d.


One week out to harvest, currently flushing at the moment. Not seeing much more filling out just ripening up now. :+1:

Harvest detsils to follow. :herb:


Those buds :heart_eyes: that’s awesome! Glad to see you reach the finish line!

What steps will you take for curing? Seems to me everyone has their own “secrets” when it comes to the cure, anything to share?


Hey @Rich

No curing secrets for me. My plan is glass jars and burping after initial drying. I’ve purchased some Broveda 62% humid packs just to store bud until it’s all consumed. I’m shooting for lighting up for Christmas / New Years after curing. :gift: :tada:


Awesome! Again, congrats on reaching the harvest!

That’s same I’ll be taking once again. The Boveda packs are a real game changer, use them for all of my purchases from the dispensary!

I’m looking at a “ready” time frame of late January - early February. So won’t be actually consuming until Valentine’s Day or so?


Can you help me find those bananas? I’m new to this and am not seeing them. Also, what is s1’d ?


day 19


I;m getting antsy.


Omg green man lol
Damn that’s a fine plant. Lol.


@greenman So glad it made a comeback, looks awesome bro!
I’d also like to know what bananas and S1D means…
If I harvest middle of December, dry for 4 days, and cure with 62 Boveda, I’m hoping to be puffing on it by New Years, or shortly after.
I’m hoping to have 1.5 oz


@ToddYYC, if I get out to Calgary before it is all gone after harvest, I’ll let you try it.


@JBizzle, the comeback of my plant gives me 100% confidence in the Grobo team. I thank them.


Same. They saved my plant.


This is beautiful. What did you do as far as training?


@Rich, actually, nothing. I tried for a couple of days to bend the main stem, but this was late in the grow so I just let it go.


That’s incredible! Well I’m happy to see you get not only the results, but the turnaround on the plant!

Keep us posted with your dry weight!