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I feel everyone’s pain, lol. @Stephen I sent you a PM regarding my schedule. I’ve had to add time to veg and flowering and now need to subtract time from flowering only because we extended twice but many things can happen in a week or not.


I’m actually on your schedule now! You have been adjusted, time for a drain and fill. :wink:


Thanks @Stephen

She’s sleeping right now but you can be sure the drain and fill will take place this evening I see your PM flashing on my screen now, off to check it. :+1:


I’m still doing a bit of light pruning. Is this recommended or not?


Seems all the buds are getting all/plenty of light- I’d let her do her thing and focus on her flowers!


My Dwarf Low Flyer is now one week away from the target harvest date.


Was trying to coerce this bottom branch more into the light, and it ended up snapping almost completely through :frowning:
It still was partially attached, so I quickly taped it together, and pulled it into the light. I hope it lives, but if not, it was a bottom branch that wasn’t in the light, so not too big of a loss. Definitely a learning experience. What do you think @Stephen


It might survive and best case stresses the plant to produce more. Fingers crossed to what Stephen says


Hey @JBizzle,

It happens to the best of us my friend.

Here you can see I snapped a branch of an Original Amnesia grow when super cropping. After tapping the wound and letting her recover, I tried again, and even a third time on the same branch. The 3rd time was the charm. You can see on the lower branch, the 1st attempt worked.

So in short, you have done all you can to help her heal up, in addition to adding some holiday cheer to your unit, congrats! I expect her to recover, that may end up being a top notch bud due to the stress you have applied. The plant will respond with hormones rushing to the area to repair it, and make it stronger than before. Might increase your terps/THC on that bud alone. :slight_smile:





What kind of strain is this again @Hainesjr1


That training though !!


I just drained and filled. That branch seems to be doing fine. Hopefully will be a big bud!


Hey Ctaylor684,
Its AK47 Xtreme. Ak47 and White Widow Xtreme hybrid. Forget the seed bank I got it from, but it was an Amsterdam based bank. Really impressed with the strain.


Haha, I know, I was all about the topping and LST this grow. Thanks!


Is it harvest time? Dwarf Low Flyer on day 68 of planned 70 day grow. Maybe you can see in the close up photos that some bud areas show a smattering–up to a third or more in some areas–of amber trichomes. Other areas seen up close are all clear to opaque. I’m having trouble telling the difference between clear and opaque trichomes, I think because of light refraction & such.

Any thoughts on when to harvest? I’m thinking I will do it tomorrow or the next day.


Hey @Cornholio

Are you useing a jewellers loupe to check the trichomes? I’ve got a handheld and agree it’s tricky looking at them and some bud sites are farther ahead then others. Here’s the criteria for harvest so based on your pistols and trichomes you should be able to to make a good decision.


Yes I’m using a jewelers loupe type magnifying glass. 60x with led light (not for these photos, though). By the standards in your reply above I am not quite ready to harvest. Criteria 1 is met but for criteria 2 I’d bet it’s a bit less than 20% amber trichomes, overall. But as fast as those colors changed in recent days I’m betting a harvest in the next day or two would work pretty well.


Going on day 75. Man I can’t wait till harvest, so close but so far away!!! Looks great and smells wonderful!!