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@Stephen, I will try to keep her going. I bought some Hygrozyme and added to the water as I was to Top Up anyway. Will not sterilize until between grows. I trimmed more dead leaves. Now a question. Should my aerator still be working in this stage? Because… Anyway, another photo of her


Aerator should always be working


Awesome, she will finish up for you. I’ve notified support that you are having pump issues and they will reach out to get you fixed up. She needs bubbles in the tank to breathe.


Thanks to all, @chris_barfield, @OGJ, and @Stephen.


@Stephen, @OGJ, @chris_barfield Went out and bought a Marina 100 Air Pump and have run a hose in from the back. Lots of air now. Am going to do a complete Drain & Fill with some Hygrozyne to give the girl the chance she needs.


There is a point where resin degradation occurs, if you wait too long to harvest your flowers. You should scope your trichs, and as soon as you see anything amber, chop her. Your plant looks beautiful!


@fuz and mine too…First Grow in Grobo… ((Green Crack)) She is coming down Tuesday… We need to buy a scale so ((#TheAllGrowersTeam)) can see our Outcome… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::herb::green_thumb:


Good morning … love to see bud sites everywhere … wish I could get all the sites in the back but I’m not skilled in photography lol


Yeah buddy looking nice and frosty!!


Blue Cheese day 46. Buds spread out in the sun

Best Photo Contest! :evergreen_tree::camera_flash:

My flowers sure are small, will they continue to grow for the next couple of weeks? I harvest in 5 ish weeks…


Hell, yeah! As you get closer to your flush you want to keep close eye on your trichomes and pistols.


Hey @JBizzle,

Often plants will ‘stack’ (fill out in size) in the last couple weeks of flower. Expect to see the buds get larger as they get closer to being ripe.



Can’t wait to see what you come out with !!


Decent for the money. :point_down: :+1:


Final stage incoming, harvest around the corner. Looking at some home made bud for Christmas with curing time included.





13 more days on the grow (unless I end it early). Eager to start harvest…haha


Try to wait it out !!! Will taste much better and don’t skip the flush :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:


I agree @chris_barfield, 100%! It’s one of the hardest things to do, but I strongly urge growers in the late stages of flower to … Use Your Patience. :sunny: :smile: You will see the buds fill out in the last week and ripen up. Dusty, snowy trichomes for everyone this holidaze season.