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Nice. Shell survive you can see. Just get some juice scissors to clean her tips up to prevent them from falling off and degrading. I think you’ll still get a decent harvest. Good to see


@ToddYYC would you trim the whole leaf or just snip the discolored tips?


@Azuri could be just this pheno type but it’s 80/20 Indica/Sativa hybrid … more pistills have started change pinkish… but I was thinking that bud you posted looked like n 8th @rainstorm3 thanks for the kind words … @JBizzle what is the door looking thing inside your grobo?


Yup I’ve only got one bud that is close to a 1/4 atm but hard to get a good shot of it at the back and a large leaf that I don’t want to cut just to take a pic.

Yeah hard to tell from pics. I think your recent trimming made me think it looked like sativa but mine looked the same after trimming too now I think about it.


Personally just take off the tip but I guess it’s up to you.


Hey @chris_barfield

The item in the bottom right hand corner looks like an aerator pump to me. Looks like a clear tube coming out of it going into the reservoir?


@chris_barfield if your talking about the white thing on the left side of the plant in @JBizzle unit I think it is an Eva-dry renewable mini dehumidifier. I have one in my unit too works great!! Safe around animals children and in greenhouses/hydro set up’s. No chemicals.


Thanks makes sense just curious.


That’s exactly what it is


Damn son. Look at those roots.






@fuz and mine too…First Grow in Grobo… ((Green Crack))… Day 102…

I “think” :thinking: our Ticket went through asking for more time on our grow so we can have the flowers fill in some more… The leaves at the tips are changing color :worried: at this point… Oh I didn’t use the photo-mode on these shots ((pretty sickning :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I can only get one picture in before the light goes out))… I just used the flash on this other camera @fuz got out for me… :wink:

Introduce yourself

Ohhhhh yea she is stacking !!! But be careful with adding more time some strains just don’t stack all throughout the branch … but she is looking frosty and those colors :sunglasses: great job training as well… you can’t tell cuz I stink at taking pictures but I have mine wired up so much it looms like my plant is in one of those mental jackets lol


@SilverGrobo damn those are some frosty buds. Looking very nice.


Did someone say wake and bake? :joy:


We finally got some cooler weather, which brings my nighttime temperatures down to around 65. Hopefully that will help with flowering


Should bring some colors out!!


Yessirr just lit up some blissful wizard


I had some Mob Boss myself…