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The stock is a beast on that.

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Yeah she’s drinking like a mother. Decided to give her one more night in the solo cup, fed her and planning on transplant tomorrow after she wakes up. First feeding will be same as before, ro only water so she can acclimate. After that will start her on nutes. More pics of her in her new home tomorrow.

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As promised, here are the new pics from transplanting. She isn’t too happy right now, but she is super healthy and will bounce back by tomorrow. If not then I’ll add calmag. Other than that let me know what you thought no. Oh and this has just been a side project until I get my grobo just in case you were wondering.


Oh and if I’m breaking some kind of unwritten rule about posting only photos of cannabis plants grown only with the grobo, let me know. I think diversity is good especially when it comes to cannabis.


I think the forum is called allgrowers not grobowers
See what I did there. Heh


I think an update is required. I’m hitting day 21 today and another drain and fill is on deck. Here’s a pic and a few day window pic so you can see the daily growth spurts.

Plant at day 20.

And here what day 17 to day 20 look like. I’ll post more often in flowering stage.


Hi rouleauj,

Love to see your pics and follow your grow! Keep us posted on your progress by all means!!!


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Wow! What a cool photo comparison, she is really starting to eat and grow. Love this update. Are you thinking of some low stress training or are you going high stress like topping?


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Light with out a doubt and I will defiantly do high if required. I think I’m only going to top once I don’t think the grobo’s design is suitable for FIMing due to the exterming bushiness that causes.

I will be using my drying racks to help with LST the earth magnets are strong!


So seems I overwatered her a bit which is why she is dropping. Will let her dry a bit and then poke some holes in the soil to provide better drainage. Might have packed the grow medium too tight this poor drainage. Here are pics of her this morning. She is now sleeping. Will tend to her at 3pm today. Feel free to chime in.


Curious how well shell do. Haven’t started any indoor pots as last time I tried I had severe mite /but problems. But I have some in pots outdoors doing well atm. Curious if they will last. Not confident they will grow wild.

I didn’t chime in because you said you had just transplanted but I suspected overwatering. Leaves curling upwards is the giveaway.

I’m pretty sure you meant leaves drooping downwards, which is a good indication of overwatering. Were the tips curling downwards and getting brittle, that would be an indication of underwatering. And yep I did take into account the transplant, but the leaves started drooping two days before. If you look at the plant in her first home the solo cup you see really healthy growth. I should have transplanted the night before but all is good. I just checked I on her and she is getting back to her normal beautiful looking self. Created more oxygen for her by taking a skewer and poking holes through the grow medium, being careful not to damage the roots. Will show more pics tomorrow. Thanks for commenting.

Best all,



Yeah I didn’t really word that correctly I’ve seen overwatering where the sides of the leaves curl up, as well as plants drooping. I passed yours off as transplanting stress.

Transferring to the new unit:

Day 23 of grow and hopefully she recovers a bit from here on in:


She has recovered from her drooping issue. I simply got a long skewer and made some air holes in the medium. She’s looking nice and healthy now and her leaves are a beautiful deep green. No spots or any other blemish. As always comments are welcome and encouraged.


@Stephen I see two brown spots on the leaves should I be worried ? Other than that plant looks like it is healthy. I’ve noticed my balance bottle is being used a little frequently now that the external air pump is installed. Is that normal? Sorry for the terrible pic but the spots are on the left side? Also the same leaf that has the brown is also twisting almost upside down lmao? Should I be moving the coco pod up, the roots are really starting to poke trough the bottom of the coco pod ?

This war head seed is something else

Anyone got a tip for taking pics with the grobo lights on? For some reason my iPhone X always comes out blurry like this pic


On another note has anyone seen this happen before

Started this seedling the same time as the grobo just for fun and learn with soil . they are bag seeds. The strain is called trapstar… I popped two of these seeds and the other is performing normally but this one is missing a few leaves ? Crazy thing it’s still opening up as if it has the other leaves. Is it a mutation or does this normally happen? Should just dump it ?


@chris_barfield I’m not Stephen but the answer is no. My first two single fingered real leaves had them.


Hey @chris_barfield
Push your pod a little lower I think

My phone advice. Get a Samsung hehehe (had too)

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