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Sky walker OG day 57


Here’s my attempt at supercropping. Lol no laughing :joy: I didn’t want to risk breaking it. I squeezed the stem, and bent it a little. At this point it looks like they’re all going to need some bending. I put one of the dry rack strings to help guide it towards the back of the grobo. Idk anymore. After all this I hope I’m not going to ruin it. I need a bigger grobo.


Not all strains will get that big i think but keep it in mind for future grows of the same strain.


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Hi everyone,

Here are some picture of my brother-in-law’s Grobo. He’s growing peppers. Seriously. I wish I could give some funky name, but no. It’s only peppers. But it looks great!

I am so impressed with the Grobo One! I hope to get one at some point. :slight_smile:


Day 51 week 8. Hoping she is done stretching!! Started seeing some white pistils which makes me very excited!!:grinning:


@Ctaylor684 looks awesome! Can’t wait to see final result.


Thank you @rainstorm3! I wish there was a fast forward button:fast_forward:


Hey Growers :slight_smile: I forgot to post this! My last grow gave me 2.2oz which I’m pretty happy with! I learnt a lot from the first grow an excited to use some advanced techniques on my next.

I planted a seed a few days ago for my second grow, Chocolate Mint, and it’s popped already!


Sweet. Thanks for sharing that’s like 62 grams which is roughly 600 in marijuana at 10$/gram.
Do you smoke, vape or eat it? How do you like it so far compared to previously purchased marijuana


Thanks @ToddYYC! I vape it. Just bought the Pax 3 and loving it. I’m a medical patient and normally go through Tweed, until I bought the Grobo. It’s a lot more potent than cannabis I’ve bought before.

I find it extremely rewarding knowing I grew it myself. I’m an avid gardener and get a lot of pride from making a meal with the veggies I grew in my garden - this experience gave me the same feeling.


What a beauty :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing I feel like you are the first to post their dry wight… how long did it take from seed to harvest?


I planted it early May and harvested at the end of August. I had the time set back slightly in flowering to let it grow a bit more. Just over three months from seed to harvest - which is what Grobo has been advertising. This was a Sativa strain as well, I’m growing an Indica now which has a shorter growing time!


Thanks for sharing @InBloom.
I prefer smoking rolled myself but do have the pax which I love as you get double whammy out of it and I do enjoy my new silicone bong. Can’t wait to try my own. Tha is for sharing.
Quick question for you to remember down the road. After you grow your indica strain I’m curious as to which you’ll prefer for future grows. Cheers


I’ll be sure to do that!


Isn’t the Pax 3 cool?!! I’ve had it since May and i have to say it only got better the more it was used. Thanks for sharing the final outcome looks great. Happy growing :beers:


And the race is on to see which cola will be the tallest … it’s like they are racing each other to the light lol I got my money on the one in the back closest to the fan …


I had two colas racing too, check out this pick 9 days ago two almost at the same height at the back.

And now yesterday as she continues to stretch grow but the one on the right back is taking the lead.


That’s awesome really great comparison shot for sure !!! I’m wondering what the outcome is going to be !! Your plant looks nice #ogkushgang !!

It seem like my plant is following the great @Azuri grow as she is showing no signs of wanting to flip haha might show 4 weeks later like yours !!!