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day 70. A little more than a month to go


That stretch is real wow!!!


Had to supercropped 3 branches as it was about to hit the light. In future growth… definitely going to supercropped more in veg and early flower…


I love the randomness of plant growth it’s amazing

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Everyone’s plants are look great :cry: I’m on day two of a new grow lol


No idea what I’m doing. But heres my first grow. No idea what strain. Hubby had it tucked away somewhere. On week 4 now.



Welcome to AG! Looks healthy and it appears to be an Indica with fat type leaves. It takes 25 or so days and you should be able to tell if it’s a male or female.

Happy Growing!


@RMayea mystery plant!!! Fun! Looks pretty good so far.


I’m not a big poster here, but I did my harvest today and thought I would share :slight_smile:

This was my first grow hydroponically and I, by no means, am an experienced grower. I chose an amnesia haze for my first grow. Have give it to Grobo Support for being responsive and super helpful along the way.

My plant before cutting her down. I used the drying racks to bend the top stems away from the light. One on the right got a bit burnt, but I caught it before it got too bad.

Harvested outside so the house wouldn’t smell - plus it was a beautiful day.

I have it all hung up in the unit with the Grobo drying racks

I’ll post when it’s all dried and let everyone know the yield.

Any techniques or advice for past this point it appreciated!


@InBloom Thanks for sharing!

Next step is curing. Here’s everything you need to know. Get those Mason jars ready!


@InBloom looks good! Did you weigh it pre-dry? If not, let us know the post-dry weight!


Amazing harvest @InBloom
Thanks for sharing. Did you use a tray for sift? If so how much was that? (Not price, weight or amount)
Awesome to see


I didn’t weigh it @rainstorm3, probably should have. I was just excited to get it back into the unit to dry!


@ToddYYC I didn’t! Maybe next time… again, not an experienced grower by any means. Trying to learn from this grow and see what my nest one brings.


Day 43, she got a hair cut yesterday with one week until flowering stage.


Bug issues?

Good catch! I wondered who be the first to notice. :thinking:

I’ve killed about 4 little what look like fruit flies through out my grow. This strain has been bushy as AF producing really big fan leaves, my guess not enough air circulation around the base of the plant. I did my pre-flower defoliated so shouldn’t be any issues, I put the stickies in just to be on the safe side. Only caught one on the stickies since I put them in 2 days ago. :+1:


Interesting. The base of my plant is super thick too and likely no air flow too. If you can get a photo of one do it I’ll tell you what they are. I’d be more concerned you have them somewhere else in the house they spread quickly. I had a 6 month issue with them in another plant. I wondered when I would see this pop up. When I previously tried my hand growing I had a bug or infestation issue. Have yet to see too much of that here.


Day 21 Girl Scout Cookies…should I be topping now or doing anything other than drain and fill?


Hey @ToddYYC

I’ve not had one for several days and only a total of 4 flying around at some point in 6 weeks of growth. It’s either fruit fly or fungus gnat but the gnats typically only like soil grown plants but maybe they took a shinning to the coco pods. I live in northern Ontario where we have bugs the size of small birds, lol. Yellow stickies confirmed no infestation. My girl had her first haircut in 42 days in and node spacing is very tight on this strain plus huge leafs. Air circulation based on grobo fans output would struggled to even flutter my plants leaves let alone penatrate the base of this plant. Not a fan of this strain in a grobo. Got a something on deck for my next grow. :+1:


Plant looks healthy! I did my first topping at day 25!