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I changed my water yesterday and today I wake up to my boy looking like this. Is this normal should I be worried :worried:


Yeah pretty normal
Let us know if it spreads


I could NOT say. Don’t know anything about a gowbo

Your Cocopod seems a might low, but the upper growth looks to be fine, that’s your major concern. They’re not getting much light love. What are the genetics?

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Girl scout

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  • (PutInATicket): [:ticket: :tickets:]: {ClickHere}:

  • (The Lower Leaves [:leaves:] Are Not Normal): (You Can Put In A Ticket [:tickets:] In The Mean Time Here Are A Few Things You Can Do):

  • (How Do Your Roots Look Like [White Clean -Or- / Slimy -And- Stinky]):?

  • (What Are Your Temps To Your Water Tank -And- Inside Your Grobo):?

  • (Your Coco-Pod Should Be Dried Out From This Point In Time):?

  • (How Does Your Lower Stock Look Like):? (Check To See If You Have Damping Off):

  • (I Would Clean Both Sensors Before You Do Your [Dain/Fills]): {:bathtub:}:

  • (Plant Looks Thirsty Below): (Try [Topping-Up] Your Water Tank At least Once Before [Drain/Fill] Day):


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That sounds cool…lol.

Is your airstone working?

Yeah… What do you mean?

I bubble my water in a 55gal tub that I attached a faucet to so my city water will burb.
Otherwise what do you mean

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I meant that for @Dee_Dee but there’s an airstone in the Grobo that bubbles oxygen to the water reservoir. If it’s not on then the plant may wilt or lose its healthy look very rapidly due to lack of oxygen.

And I’m sure that 55gal tub is awesome. I need a res for my ladies. Maybe an 18gal tub will work for me with a bubbler… nice idea @Merle_Carsten!