Coco Pod-


Is it possible to have a bad coco pod?

3 day top up notification and coco pod question

Do you know the answer to this question?.. :thinking:


No - they do not go bad

Is there something up with your Coco Pod @Dew?

Here’s a few suggestions:
-if it’s hard and falls right through the hole in the water tank cover try soaking it for 15 minutes to regain its full size
-if it’s got white/green residue on the top of it, gently brush it off or agitate the Coco Pod until it’s gone

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Algae on top
Green mold on top of pod
Gorilla Bomb

Awesome @Chris, I didn’t think so and you answered my other question- Thanks!


Hey @Chris, I actually do have one more question. If you do not have the sticker in your lid telling you where to push the coco pod down to (I do not have this sticker) should you still push it down that inch or so, or leave it level with the lid? I think the video I watched said to keep it level with the lid.


Hey @Dew - yes, the video is correct on this one. If you do not have a sticker please keep the Coco Pod level with the top of the lid




Why the difference? Mine does not have a sticker either.

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Design change.

Day 19