Coco pod pushed through


Hello. So I used the magnetic drying strings to try and guide the branches down and towards the corners because my plant is getting too tall and they pushed the coco pod down and into the water. I tried to push it back up but could not get it back through. Will my plant be ok or is there something I should try to do to resolve this? I’m only a month away from harvest.


Hey @Colin_Kauffman,

You should be fine. Mine dropped into my resevouir about a month ago and is doing just fine, I thought my plant stopped growing, lol. It will actually help with height issues if your plant is too tall as well.

Here’s @Stephen encourging someone to pop it in due to plant height. :+1:


Awesome, thank you so much! Phew!:slight_smile:


@Azuri did you leave the coco pod in the water or did you remove it once it dropped in? And is the light going through the coco pod hole?


@chris_barfield jest left it be. The coco pod is intertwined with roots so it just sits below the lid. Here’s a little fact I’ve not opened the lid of my resevouir once in the last 5 weeks after the coco pod and plant popped in. It’s a no go zone for me if the plant is healthy.


I tried to push it back up but didn’t want to force or damage anything so I stopped trying and left it when it didn’t go easily. I’m not sure about the light, I will have to check when I get home. I was assured by a other grower on the forum that it will be fine and was shown a reply from Stephen that if your plant gets too tall you can push the pod through.


Thanks @Azuri and @chris_barfield,

@Colin_Kauffman, as our grower friends have pointed out, popping the coco pod down into the reservoir in the last stages of flower is a great way to recover some height and get some distance between the LED and the buds. Pop it down and leave it be.



@Stephen can I ask you a question? What if the coco pod falls in naturally and the stem sits in the water as well. Would that harm the plant ? My plant I don’t think this will happen to but just a question that popped up in my head.


Try and keep the coco pod in the holder unless you need the extra space. If it slips down during the early stages of a grow, squeeze it to fit it back into the holder. Ideally the roots have a space between the pod and the water level. This is a great way to ensure they can always breathe. Once the plant is large enough and drinking enough, this is much less a concern.