CO2-best way to use in the Grobo


Any recommendations for ways to utilize CO2 in the Grobo?


Great question! There really aren’t any off the shelf systems that can properly manage CO2 in this size of growing area. Generally the CO2 levels in your house will be adequate for plant growth so you won’t see a big enough return on your investment to warrant added CO2.


@Stephen or @bjorn have you gentlemen heard of anyone using the TNB Naturals CO2 Bottle setup in their Grobo? I get that CO2 is primarily beneficial during “light-on” periods in veg stage and I’ve had a lot of success with the TNB products in previous grows. I guess my biggest concerns center around the reservoir cover being able to support a TNB CO2 bottle’s weight as well as if the fans within the Grobo unit itself will exhaust the CO2 saturated air too fast to be of benefit to my plant. Input or suggestions would be most appreciated.


no co2 system would ever work with the grobo. it constantly exhausts a large amount of air. any co2 added or pumped into the grobo would just be exhausted right out.


Hey @DustyJG,

The reservoir cover is strong enough to hold a TNB bottle for sure. Your results will vary in my opinion with the size of the room you have the unit in. As @greenmatter observes, most the the CO2 will be exhausted quickly, but may increase the overall available CO2 in the room, increasing yield. If you check it out, let us know how it works for you.



My plan was to direct the CO2 via tubing to the base of the plant during veg cycle so it gets some benefit before the gas is exhausted. Hopefully the girl will get enough CO2 to be of benefit. We shall see…