Juat wondering if i should try a clone in my grobo is there any research done on this i dont mind trying


Hey @Donnie,

Welcome aboard!

I’m running a couple rooted clones in the lab now. They got a bit of a shock moving from the humidity dome that I used to root them and threw out a couple morphed leaves, but have recovered nicely. I’m testing a couple different recipes, so if you want to give it a shot, we can make one for your little cutting. Got anything rooted and ready to go?



Hey Stephen got some rooted from my first harvest branches where taken from the bottom they were just starting to flower so ive got them on24. hr light cycle to bring them to veg will they work in peat pellet s next time i will go wirh coco


Any chance we can see your harvest and what the flowers look like wet and dry? I was following your grow on youtube, but didn’t get to see the end result.


End result wil lbe on harvest and pro and cons wrapup hydro nutrients cist also