Clones from cuttings?


Has anyone else tried to get clones to grow from your cuttings? I’ve been experimenting and seem to be getting some positive results.


Don’t know what to do with them this time of year. Just nice to be able to do it. Good genetics hate to just toss them


Be nice to have some people who actually know something chime in. I’m just goofing around so far.


Well it all depends on what you want to do if you have extra coco pods I’d say grow them and throw them In there. If not grab yourself a tent and a light and grow them suckers out !!


Been leaning toward that. But I meant has any one got any good clone starting suggestions ? Like I say just goofing around trying something I’ve never done before.


I use clonex gel roofing solution then I dip into rooting powder then you have to keep up humidity so make a dome keep a heating pad under the clones and in about a week you should see roots


Grab some rapid rooters or Rockwool to start them in


But good job on those t5s


A heating pad would help? How warm?


I just got some rooting powder not even sure what kind. Going to look into the other products you mentioned. Thank you for the info


Heating pad maybe on low they need warmth and humidity at this stage also cut the tips of the leaves in half to save energy and focus on roots


Wow tent looks way better than a closet. Never saw them until today .Thank you chris


The easiest way if you want to setup clones in my opinion because I’ve done it myself; is to order a list of the supplies that @chris_barfield mentioned above. I found that they can be purchased at a small cost through ebay. And all you would need since you already have the lights is the dome, clonex gel, clone or seedling trays, and rockwool squares :pray:


Tent is the way. Thanks for showing an old guy a new trick.




Getting better by the day. I keep upgrading

new LEDs tomorrow


I miss my good ol tent days :ok_hand::eyes:


Once again Chris thanks for what I would probably call the best info I recieved in all of 2018

look at them grow!!!


2 600w LEDs make them happy


Not too bad on elec. Either