Am I able to use a clone in my Grobo? If yes how would I remove the earth from the clone and is there a setting on the Grobo for clones? Thank you




Hey @Rawpwr420 & @Wolf1,

Several growers have had success with clones in the Grobo, and I’ve been experimenting with them in the lab over the last 6 months. I find the best results by starting your cutting in one of our coco pods in a humidity dome. Once the cutting has rooted and become a clone, it can be transferred into the Grobo. For now, you can simply use an existing recipe and we can tweak it on our end. Clone recipes are coming online soon.



The clone that I am getting is about a foot tall and a foot wide. Is this possible? Thank you


I’ve transplanted from soil but it was a hard journey I wouldn’t recommend it but you can do but the plant will face about two weeks of stress and stunted growth


That’s a big clone, it could work do you know if it’s an Indica or a Sativa?


I believe it is a sativa.


Typically Sativas tend to grow tall, be prepaired to do some supercroping if she hits the light. Do you know what strain it is? Usually you can go to place like Leafy and see the growing characteristics and see if she wants to grow to the roof, lol.


Thank you Azuri. :thinking: