Cleaning machine between grows


Question: do you use a diluted cleaning solution in the reservoir to clean the lines and the basin and sensors between grows with the drain and fill ?


Hey @Andyrmt this should help.
Cleaning your Grobo


Hey @Andyrmt

Here it is in its full glory:


LoL @Ctaylor684 great minds think alike we posted at the same time.


@Azuri Yes sir most definitely!!


Thank you!


I’ll be doing the same this weekend. Getting her all cleaned and ready to go.


Ok just so I understand fully. I’ll start from where I’m almost at on my first grow the harvesting part


  1. Select end grow and cut down my glorious plant.
  2. Go through full cleaning procedure.
  3. Make sure my probes are wet in a baggy with distilled water or RO water.
  4. Hang my glorious plant.
  5. Select drying recipe.
  6. Once buds are dry take them out and begin curing process in jars.
  7. Replace probes in their respective holders in DWC tank.
  8. Replace all empty nute bottles.
  9. Put seed in dampened coco pod.
  10. Start new recipe.

So this is the process in my head and it makes perfect sense to me lol. The one question I have is that drain and fill for the cleaning process works even if you aren’t currently using a recipe.
Also I’m assuming the drying recipe won’t require me to fill the reservoir.






Awesome! You the best.