Cinderella 99


Does anyone know where I can purchase seeds for Cinderella 99 or Gelato?

I want a compact short flowering strain but can’t find a seed company with these strains.

Thanks All.


Gelato is a clone only strain so you might be out of luck unless you have access Cindy 99 you can find on a seedbank


Here are some Cinderella 99. Good luck


And here are some crosses:


Here are some gelato strains:


@rouleauj is back with some great recommendations! Whoot



I got the c99 by g13 that I’m going to be trying out after my current grow! Got it from true north along with greencrack by Blimburn, I too wanted shorter growing sativas


Just ordered!!!


Awesome Andy, what exactly if you don’t mind sharing?


Cinderella 99 fast Fem, Gelato, Blue Dream Fem, Cannatonic Fem and Blueberry Fem


Nice selection, which do you think you’ll start with?


After my present plant ( Northern Light’s) is done, probabably Cinderella 99


Have you started the C99 yet Russel?


@Andyrmt no not yet that will be my next grow. Currently have 2 or so weeks left of flower on my master kush