Cinderella 99, G13 Labs


Meant to post this a couple days ago, I’m on day 42 but this was from day 40. Almost done late veg


Day 45 late veg 21/21 (Note: I did submit a ticket to extend veg)

Now c99 is a sativa dominant and I know we’re recommended to go to the second fan but I’ve noticed substantial growth these past couple days should I extend? I just don’t want her to get up to the lights making me have to supercrop or stress her out further. I just don’t know the stretch on this one. But today at 7:00pm she’s going to go into transition, @Stephen what are your thoughts?


Hey @Russel_Richardson my last grow was sativa dominant and was between the first and second fan and ended up getting real close to ceiling if you recall. I haven’t grown c99 yet (future grow) but I think she looks ready. She might triple in height almost like my girl did just in transition phase alone. Your call tho!


Yeah see this is why I’m a little apprehensive lol


@Dew I feel like I should just let it run its course from here on out. I have 4 more seeds I can use this one as a “learning plant” for this strain


Why don’t you just take a clone, make a mother and you can experiment to your hearts delight. Just stick the clone inder a 200w ufo light and keep har in veg mode. Easy, takes little effort, takes little space and electricity, and you can seed her when you are wanting to try out another strain. Win win :+1::v::beer:

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I would but I don’t have anywhere I can do that sadly. That’s why the wife and I got this lol

I’m going to be putting one outside in the back once the weather allows me to do so


Seeet make a little tree. Use a 10 gal

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I quoted a quote lol. Ya I like this idea same thing I’m doing with gg#4 right now.

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Sounds like a good time to flip, we can adjust again on the next run if you want to add more time. Looking nice and healthy! I bet you finish up just about perfect…


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Day 47 just starting 3/14 transition

She’s getting really bushy now, I took a peek under the hood ( yes I know we aren’t supposed to lol, just want to make sure the roots are okay from the previous rot ) and the tap root is a carrot haha it’s so much bigger than my first plant. Hasn’t really grown up so much yet but there’s parts over the 1st fan. She’s filling up the bottom pretty good though. She’s pretty stinky I’m not going to lie and I still have my original filter in…lol. I’ve had it in there since getting it in October and we don’t smell anything until I open it

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Day 50 6/14 transition

Lots of growth in 3 days. Her stalk is really thick, looks like it’s ripping at the base lol. Good swells at each node, getting ready for the big stretch :muscle: lol


Been a while since I posted pics! She’s on day 70 now 11/37 flower. She is still a bit small but I’ve noticed a lot of growth in this past week. I’m not overly worried. The first top shot is from may 6 and the second top shot is from today so pretty good for a day I’d say.



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Day 75, 16/37


Day 80, 21/37 flower

Well Cindy is a stinker lol. I feel like the smell is twice that of my previous grow, the whole house is consumed by her lovely smell when I do a water change. So fruity but really pungent, I’m loving it! For this grow I’m trying to do as little trimming as possible and doing more tucking of leaves. I’m exposing sites really well although I took these pics before the tuck, next time I’ll post them tucked. I just felt like I was stressing my last grow too much, I would cut leaves off to expose sites but then new leaves would take over in a couple days, then remove more, I just got trim happy I suppose lol. Once I get closer to flush I’m going to give her one good trim and then that will be it until harvest, I think I only really trimmed once at the end of the transition stage, I feel like I could have taken more off the bottom in regards to lollipopping. Enough stoned rambling…lol here’s some pics! :camera_flash::star_struck:



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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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