Cinderella 99, G13 Labs


New grow time! Got her all cleaned out and put another girl in the oven! Lol. Day 4 and little Cindy is trying to poke out!


This is 12 hrs later, crazy how much things change in a short time lol





Day 12. 2/14 early veg

I put in a support ticket for my little girl, her leaves are really drooping and curling under, I’m guessing a pH issue? Hopefully it can be fixed! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m thinking yep and yep, she’ll bounce back. :+1::v:, spit on for submitting a ticket first.:joy:


Yeah Jason said my pH was holding steady but just lower than what it should be for this stage. She’ll come back I’m not too worried :slight_smile:


Figured as much.


Well some sad news… my little girl has started to get root rot. Been looking at things online to help but estimated delivery is April 9th. I read that I can add hydrogen peroxide and Jason said I could as well but I’ve read that that is only a temporary fix as it would be gone with 24-48 hours (just what I’ve read online). It can get rid of bad bacteria but could also kill off good ones?

Are there any other brands that I can try to nip this in the butt? She seems to be on her way out and I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of time to stave off this infection. Would you have any suggestions @Stephen ?


It appears I added the same photo twice…lol. Supposed to be this one…


If there is a hydro store nearby see if they have mammoth p. You can use it throughout all phases of growth, and it helps prevent this from happening.


Okay so I finally did find some hydroguard. And cheaper than was selling and faster shipping. Shipped from Toronto says one day, hopefully I get it tmrw. It was 115 cdn with shipping cost for a 1L bottle. If anyone in Ontario Canada has a problem with root rot I suggest that’s where I was able to find, it’s 84.99+tax and then shipping. Amazon has it for 90-150 plus won’t get till April 9th… so like 2-3 week shipping. Lol no thanks.

I just hope I get it in time to help my little Cindy!


Should I put a cap of hydro peroxide in the reservoir for the time being do you think @Osage. I just don’t want it to get worse is all


Honestly I would ask that question to @Stephen. I am a long time soil grower transitioning into hydro. While I have that knowledge, hydro is a bit different, and I’m learning too. In the future, try to keep hydroguard, or my preference mammoth p on hand. Hydroguard is a treatment for root tot, mammoth p will prevent it. It’s expensive but well worth it. I did read about using hydrogen peroxide, but am not up to date on the science, thus the advice to pm Stephen. Hope that helps. I’ll never give advice that I’ve not tried first :+1::v:


Ha laugh my ass off. I didn’t read your post above the last. Good on ya for getting hydroguard. I would suggest you get mammoth p and use it instead after this. You can use it in all stages of growth, and it is the shit​:+1::v::joy:


@Osage this is from the botanicare site but apparently I can use it all grow as well


Nice didn’t know that, just like using mammoth p!


Hopefully you can save her @Russel_Richardson unlike mine lol- :crossed_fingers:


I’m trying! Lol. Gotta wait 2 weeks for hydroguard, it’s hard to get across the border the customer service. I haven’t don’t anything but wipe some gunk that was on my drain and fill tubes and the roots that were affected were touching. So I feel like it transferred to the roots but now they aren’t as brown. Still kinda on the droop side but she’s still growing and nice and green


Hey @Russel_Richardson,

Peroxide helps add an extra oxygen molecule to your water, helping fight off the bad bacteria. (Pythium) It is only used as a temporary solution.

3% solution can be added to the reservoir at 3 ml per litre each day. This will add oxygen and chemically eat dead roots. If roots are badly rotted and can be pulled away by hand, you should cut them off. They are already dead and will only rot, causing further problems. Add a fungicide to kill any fungus that is probably present in the rotted tissue to prevent it from spreading. Decrease the reservoir temperature, oxygen dissolves better in cold water and disease causing organisms reproduce slower as well. A good temperate range is 62F to 65F; anything above 70F will eventually cause a problem.

Good luck!



Hey Stephen that’s good to know and a very good explanation! How many liters do our res hold? I figured it to be just under 3gals, 11 liters??