Cause for concern? [RESOLVED]


Who is revive by?


Advanced nutrients


Here is a pic of my small bottle. Don’t really need more than this unless you have multiple grows going.


Update day 46… had a couple of issues last week that the auppprt team help me fix. Nuts and PH balance were off but seems like everything is going well.


Definitely looking better. She’ll get there quickly now!


And remember, flawless finish during flush. :+1::joy:


Day 59 and she’s getting big! Feel like a proud parent :grin:


Day 79 update and this is where she’s at.



Looking good @Jaguilar929,

Remember to fill her up without draining 1/2 way between your weekly drain/fill and she should finish up nicely. Next run we could extend your veg grow time by a week or two to really fill out the unit.



Day 89 (26/38 of flowering) the buds aren’t quite where I think they should be. Not sure if it’s currenty in the flushing stage and I think the time should be extended out about another week or so. Thoughts? @chris_barfield @Azuri @Stephen @Osage


From what I understand that all will be shown through your trichomes. They should be at least 50% milky not clear. You can see them under a joulers loop (magnifying glass). At that point you are at perfect harvest time. Looks like there is a lot of flowering time left + time for a flush. I wouldn’t he too concerned should fill out and dense up more between then. @Jaguilar929





Hey @Jaguilar929,

This is the hardest part for sure, waiting the last couple weeks. Your recipe has another 22 days on it, so you should see the buds fatten and ripen up in the next couple weeks. In 10 days we can decide if more time in the flower stage is a good idea. Looks like you are gonna be just about right…



what do these nutrients do/ffor and why do you use flawless finish after flowering stage?


Will have another update then thanks!


Flawless finish helps flush out the excess nutrients resulting in better tasting and healthier buds


Day 99 and loving the smell. How to the buds look to you guys?

@Stephen @chris_barfield @Osage @SilverGrobo


I’d say pretty damn good. Looks like you’re getting close!


Thanks!! Can’t wait till she’s fully done :laughing:


Reminds me of Pineapple Express. I’d be happy with those beauties. Nice work @Jaguilar929