Cause for concern? [RESOLVED]


Third grow actually. First one didn’t pop out of the seed. Second had to start over at day 18.


I have no idea if it’s a good idea or not but maybe cutting the brown off and trying to remove the brown stuff with maybe paper towel. That might shock it pretty good though. Plant looks healthy in my opinion so I would wait to see what @Stephen has to say about it


If the plant up top is growing steady and green with no issues then I wouldn’t worry… but it might not be root rot … my current plant I brought over from soil and believe me I didn’t take care of her she was sitting on a porch In a milk jug with old soil … and then I transplanted her and while I was rinsing the roots out they were brownish so I added beneficial microbes and it cleared all that up quickly… the brand I used was orca but most people recommend botanicare’s product called hygrozyme or hydrogaurd one or the other can’t remember the name … try adding that and I’m sure it will clear it up


Cool thanks! I’ll give hydroguard a try. Off chance would you know how much to add in the Grobo?


Hey @Jaguilar929, the plant looks healthy. I wouldn’t cut any roots off and would try to keep them out of the light… it does look like they are wrapping around the pumps, I would do my best to clear them. I also agree with @chris_barfield so the hydroguard should help and I see you have taken care of that! Give it a few days, but mostly watch your plant (leaves). :+1:


Hi @Jaguilar929,

The plant is looking healthy, but the reservoir does look like it could use a cleanup. Hydroguard will help, here are my notes from another thread…Green mold on top of pod


PS - Try and keep the lid closed as much as possible. Roots don’t like light, but pythium does.


Current update day 28. Trimmed off the bottom leaves and had to get insecticidal soap since some critters were munching on my plant. Some of the leaves are starting to have red tips on them. Not sure if that’s a good or bad sign?




By the way I did add hydroguard to the tank and cleaned off the funk that was there too :smile:


Hey @Jaguilar929

Very common, a bit of nutrient burn nothing to worry about if it is only the tips of the leaves.


@azuri is right little nute burn … shouldn’t be issue but if it keeps burning the tips… drain your unit disconnect the nute 3,4,5 bottles and add the distilled water and let the plant flush out the salt build for a few hours then drain and fill while bottles are connected … also you can use something like clearex by Botanicare and flawless finish but advanced nutrients to help aid with the salt build up … but your plant looks like it’s healthy and not an issue right now


Drained and disconnected the nutrients them filled it back up. Left it over night but not sure if I should do another drain and fill till later tonight and reconnect the bottles?




Your new growth looks great. I would go ahead and reconnect nute bottles and complete a drain and fill to get that water full of nutrients if you haven’t done so already.

Keep an eye on her and if you see some of those leaves getting worse cut them off. Leaves that are too far gone will not heal.

If new growth looks good you are gtg.



Do what @Stephane says:

…But be careful on what you take off, because she is still small and needs as many leaves at this stage to perk up… Make sure the leaf is absolutely no good… :wink:


UPDATE: Day 35 and this is where she’s at… used flawless finish and seemed to have done the trick.


Hey jag, looks like you might have a ph problem, and maybe even a cal/mag issue. You might want to send in a ticket to have Stephen check out your data. Good luck


thanks i’ll send over a ticket! :slightly_smiling_face:


Also flawless finish (advance nutrients) is used at the end of flowering phase. I use advanced nutrients as well, what you want now is revive! It’ll help wonders.