Cause for concern? [RESOLVED]


Growing Cin99 and currently on day 12… worried about dampening and having to start all over again. Had a grow right before this one and had to start all over again because the plant completely tipped over and wasn’t able to hold the weight… trying to get some feedback if I should hold out or if I should do something or if I’m just over thinking things. any advice would be greatly appreciated


Hey @Jaguilar929

I’ve never seen a simease twin with a cannabis plant… :joy: Keep it going I guess and let’s see what @Stephen says.


That’s amazze I’ve never seen twins either! Same tap root crazy!


guess my past grow reincarnated into the new one :joy:


Lol, I used a toothpick in the very beginning once to stop that from happening. Hopefully you got good genes there and she’ll be fine on her own-


I’d probably cut a straw a bit longer than the single stem coming out of the coco pod. Then slice it down length wise and stick it in the coco pod and around the stem for stability. At least until Stephen gets back to you.


Dude that’s awesome I wouldn’t be concerned at all dude you basically have two plants in one !! Except one side will dominate but see if you can train the plant for maximum light!! I’m excited to see what happens … so cool


Wow that’s cool and crazy all at once lol. Hopefully it’s fine


Hey @Jaguilar929,

Please contact because I’m seeing a couple issues, and that will enable us to get you straightened out.

Your unit is getting too hot and triggering our safety mechanism to shut the light down. Your seedling is stretching way too much, due to the light shutting off. I’m thinking you may have a fan that needs a fix or replacement.

I can see two stems, and agree with your assessment that you have two separate seedlings growing. I recommend picking your favourite and removing the other. They will fight for your precious resources and one usually dominates. Or experiment, entirely up to you, seems like you have quite a crowd gathered to watch you. :wink:



Thanks so much! I figured something was up since the light is only on for about a minute or so then shuts off. Sent sent over the email to Grobo support. I’m going to let the twins grow for now and see what happens :grimacing:


I :hearts: Love this shot… How did this happen, (was it one seed split into two ((twins)), or two seeds coming up at the same time?..)



It was one seed splitting into two. Hopefully they turn out fine after the lights get fixed :seedling: :pray:



Any update on the grow?.. :thinking:


So update on the grow… unfortunately I had to start over again (3rd times the charm hopefully) the twins were tipping over when the light issue was fixed. Shout out to @Stephen and the Grobo team for the awesome support on my issue. Currently growing white widow now and this is what it looks like after one week.


Thanks for the positive vibes @Jaguilar929 & good luck with this round.



so this is day 17 of my white widow strain. Still a newbie trying to figure all this out but i think i may possible be getting root rot on my plant. hopefully im just being paranoid but would like opinions. @Stephen





Is this your second grow? I only ask cause your nute tubes look kind of dirty where your roots are attaching to. The new roots look good and healthy

Sorry I see that you were having problems before with grows so it isn’t the first.

But yeah I bet that’s coming from the gunk or whatever it is off those nute tubes